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2019 Speakers:

Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar


Fast Future

Charles Duncan - <p>EVP & Chief Strategy Officer</p>

Charles Duncan

EVP & Chief Strategy Officer


Jude Bricker - <p>CEO</p>

Jude Bricker


Sun Country Airlines

Christina Cassotis - <p>CEO</p>

Christina Cassotis


Pittsburgh International Airport

Nirali Shah

Nirali Shah

Director of Innovation, Partnerships

Vantage Airport Group

Yvonne Bilshausen

Yvonne Bilshausen

National Aviation Architecture Principal, Vice President


Ismael Ordoñez

Ismael Ordoñez

Portfolio Management Director


Kiran Merchant

Kiran Merchant


Merchant Aviation

Joyen Vakil

Joyen Vakil

Principal, Vakil Group ( former SVP of Design & Development, MGM Resorts International)

Malcolm E. Christie - <p>Director, Asset Management & Construction</p>

Malcolm E. Christie

Director, Asset Management & Construction

Nieuport Aviation

Lynette DuJohn - <p>VP Innovation & Chief Technology Officer</p>

Lynette DuJohn

VP Innovation & Chief Technology Officer

Vancouver Airport Authority

Nilan Solanki - <p>Deputy VP of Business Development</p>

Nilan Solanki

Deputy VP of Business Development

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Víctor Lidoy - <p>Digital Development Manager</p>

Víctor Lidoy

Digital Development Manager

LATAM Airlines Group

Michael Boland - <p>Executive Vice President of Business Development</p>

Michael Boland

Executive Vice President of Business Development

MAG (Airports Group)

Eric Feinberg - <p>Chief Marketing Officer</p>

Eric Feinberg

Chief Marketing Officer


Helen Henriques - <p>(former COO, Sky Regional Airlines) and current VP Operations</p>

Helen Henriques

(former COO, Sky Regional Airlines) and current VP Operations


Kathleen Barrett - <p>VP Procurement, Properties & Facilities</p>

Kathleen Barrett

VP Procurement, Properties & Facilities

Sun Country Airlines

Peter Carter - <p>EVP & CLO</p>

Peter Carter


Delta Air Lines

Gheorghe Spiride - <p>Senior Technical Advisor</p>

Gheorghe Spiride

Senior Technical Advisor


Russell Roberts - <p>Chief Information Officer and Assistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology</p>

Russell Roberts

Chief Information Officer and Assistant Administrator for the Office of Information Technology

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Jason Hausner - <p>Director - Passenger Facilitation Corporate Security</p>

Jason Hausner

Director - Passenger Facilitation Corporate Security

Delta Air Lines

Alexis Long - <p>Chief Innovation Officer </p>

Alexis Long

Chief Innovation Officer

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Jason Van Sice - <p>Director, Aviation Practice</p>

Jason Van Sice

Director, Aviation Practice


Kris Ranganath - <p>CTO, Advanced Recognition Systems and Digital Platform</p>

Kris Ranganath

CTO, Advanced Recognition Systems and Digital Platform

NEC Corporation of America

Bill Wyatt - <p> Executive Director of Airports</p>

Bill Wyatt

Executive Director of Airports

Salt Lake City Corporation

Gabrielle Maguire - <p>Operating Principal</p>

Gabrielle Maguire

Operating Principal

JetBlue Technology Ventures

Campbell Hyers - <p>CEO</p>

Campbell Hyers


Airport Engine (Airport focused spin off from Intersection)

Aurelius Noell - <p>CCO</p>

Aurelius Noell


LEVEL Airlines

Judith MacDonald - <p>Manager, Air Carrier Program Development</p>

Judith MacDonald

Manager, Air Carrier Program Development

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Steve Lappenbusch - <p>Principal Product Manager</p>

Steve Lappenbusch

Principal Product Manager


Carrie Mamantov - <p>Marketing Director</p>

Carrie Mamantov

Marketing Director


Mark Pearson - <p>Vice President, Corporate Real Estate</p>

Mark Pearson

Vice President, Corporate Real Estate

Delta Air Lines

Ryan Carroll - <p>Senior Analyst - JFK Development</p>

Ryan Carroll

Senior Analyst - JFK Development

JetBlue Airways

Sherry Stein - <p>Head of Technology Strategy</p>

Sherry Stein

Head of Technology Strategy


Becca Doten - <p>Managing Director of Media Relations</p>

Becca Doten

Managing Director of Media Relations

Los Angeles World Airports

Michael Oulsnam - <p>Manager of Digital Ventures</p>

Michael Oulsnam

Manager of Digital Ventures

Air New Zealand

Michelle Schwartz - <p>Chief of External Affairs</p>

Michelle Schwartz

Chief of External Affairs

Los Angeles World Airports

Celine Canu - <p>Head Aviation Facilitation</p>

Celine Canu

Head Aviation Facilitation

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Barbara Yamamoto - <p>Chief Experience Officer</p>

Barbara Yamamoto

Chief Experience Officer

Los Angeles World Airports

Charu Jain - <p>Vice President & Chief Information Officer</p>

Charu Jain

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Alaska Airlines

Grant Gray - <p>Senior Aviation IT Consultant</p>

Grant Gray

Senior Aviation IT Consultant

Faith Group

Juan Horacio Djedjeian - <p>Director of Operations</p>

Juan Horacio Djedjeian

Director of Operations

Brasilia Airport

David Wilson - <p>Chief Operations Officer</p>

David Wilson

Chief Operations Officer

Oman Airports Management Company

Mark Summers - <p>Market Development Manager</p>

Mark Summers

Market Development Manager

Avery Dennison

Clyde Hutchinson - <p>Partner</p>

Clyde Hutchinson


Journey Partners

Ravinder Singh - <p>Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Tata Singapore Airlines </p>

Ravinder Singh

Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Tata Singapore Airlines


Mike McCarron - <p>VP of Customer Success</p>

Mike McCarron

VP of Customer Success


Gary McDonald - <p>President, North America</p>

Gary McDonald

President, North America

Materna Information & Communications Corp

Austin Gould - <p>Assistant Administrator, RCA</p>

Austin Gould

Assistant Administrator, RCA

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Jason Lim - <p>Identity Management Capability Manager</p>

Jason Lim

Identity Management Capability Manager

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Simon Wilcox - <p>Automation and Innovation Transformation</p>

Simon Wilcox

Automation and Innovation Transformation


Justin Erbacci - <p>CEO</p>

Justin Erbacci


Los Angeles World Airports

Dave Wilson - <p>Director, Airport Innovation</p>

Dave Wilson

Director, Airport Innovation

Port of Seattle

Dave McCormick - <p>Managing Director, Product & Design</p>

Dave McCormick

Managing Director, Product & Design

Alaska Airlines

Vincent Thamm - <p>Digital Transformation Coach</p>

Vincent Thamm

Digital Transformation Coach

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Kian Gould - <p>Chairman of the Board</p>

Kian Gould

Chairman of the Board


Ryan Kelly - <p>Head of Marketing and Communications</p>

Ryan Kelly

Head of Marketing and Communications

Virgin Hyperloop

Mike Hardin - <p>Director of Policy, Entry/Exit Transformation</p>

Mike Hardin

Director of Policy, Entry/Exit Transformation

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency

Raoul Cooper - <p>Senior Design Manager - </p>

Raoul Cooper

Senior Design Manager -

Innovation at British Airways & Director at Biometrics Institute

Florian Eggenschwiler - <p>Head of Innovation</p>

Florian Eggenschwiler

Head of Innovation


Satyaki Raghunath - <p>Chief Strategy & Development Officer</p>

Satyaki Raghunath

Chief Strategy & Development Officer

Bengaluru International Airport

Steven Greenway - <p>President</p>

Steven Greenway



Junichi Shimizu - <p>Vice President of Business Marketing Division</p>

Junichi Shimizu

Vice President of Business Marketing Division

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.

Pierre Charbonneau - <p>Director, Passenger Experience and Facilitation</p>

Pierre Charbonneau

Director, Passenger Experience and Facilitation

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Arun Vemury - <p>Director, Biometric and Identity Technology Center</p>

Arun Vemury

Director, Biometric and Identity Technology Center

US Department of Homeland Security

Jose Bonilla - <p>Director, Innovation Task Force</p>

Jose Bonilla

Director, Innovation Task Force

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

T.J. Schulz - <p>President</p>

T.J. Schulz


Airport Consultants Council

Tony Chapman - <p>Senior Director, Marketing, Product Management and Strategy</p>

Tony Chapman

Senior Director, Marketing, Product Management and Strategy

Collins Aerospace

Abhi Chacko - <p>Head of Innovation & Commercial IT Services</p>

Abhi Chacko

Head of Innovation & Commercial IT Services

Gatwick Airport

Samuel Ingalls - <p>Principal</p>

Samuel Ingalls


Barich, Inc

Dr. Bjoern Becker - <p>Senior Director Product Management Ground & Digital Services</p>

Dr. Bjoern Becker

Senior Director Product Management Ground & Digital Services


Dr. Joe Leader - <p>CEO</p>

Dr. Joe Leader



Simon Lamkin - <p>Chief Executive Officer</p>

Simon Lamkin

Chief Executive Officer

LamTech Solutions & former CIO of Brussels Airlines

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