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How to Improve Customer Service in the Airline Industry

There’s no two ways about it: COVID-19 has thrown the travel and airline industry into disarray like never before. According...

AirFi Americas is attending FTE 2021!

AirFi Americas is attending FTE 2021! We are proud and excited to be a part of the 15th Anniversary of...

AirFi Americas is proud to announce National Airlines as its newest airlines customer.

AirFi Americas announces National Airlines as the latest AirFi America customer. National Airlines is scheduling the launch of AirFi Inflight...

Korijn Defever from Airport Intelligence will host the operational excellence workshop during FTE Global

Korijn Defever from Airport Intelligence will host during FTE Global the workshop: “The future of Operational Excellence – How to...

Accelerated Cloud Adoption: Business Resilience in the Aviation Industry

Lockdowns. New safety regulations. Fluctuating passenger demand. Financial losses and pressures. Amidst the volatility from the COVID-19 pandemic, key players...

New Efficiencies, New Revenue Opportunities – the Connected Digital Airline of the Future

David Ludwick, Head of Mobility and IoT Services Americas, Tata Communications From service automation and mobility services through to the...

Airlines and airports are now embracing new technologies and turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to support their customer service.

Technology is drastically changing the way businesses connect with their customers, and the world of aviation is part of the...

Vision-Box Mobile ID SDK enables airlines, airports, and border control agencies to shape the future of seamless travel.

Vision-Box Mobile ID SDK enables airlines, airports, and border control agencies to shape the future of seamless travel. The product...

LOT Polish Airlines chooses Media Box: Polish national carrier as new customer for Media Carrier’s digital infotainment library

Munich, 18 August 2020 – Media Carrier has added another major airline to its list of customer references: LOT Polish...

Why exhibit at FTE Global?

Read what previous FTE Global exhibitors think of the show…

“I was very pleased with the number of visitors in attendance, as well as the level of the attendees. The networking has worked very well. I’ve made several new contacts and also shared with current customers some of our new products, which has made participating very worthwhile.I’m very excited that, even with the current situation, the attendance is very high – it will likely be even higher next year and even more rewarding to attend as well.”

Terry Horn, Head of Business Development – Americas, SITA
“This is actually my first FTE Global and it’s been excellent – the attendees have been great. The quality of the event has been fantastic, with input from airlines, airports and other industry stakeholders. “The social events, especially the Networking Reception and Awards Ceremony, were fantastic. We’ve had a tremendous amount of visitors to our booth and will absolutely come again.”

Ryan Connolly, Director Business Development, Idemia
“It’s been an awesome event. We’ve had a very good turnout and very interesting conversations. We’ve had an opportunity to meet with known customers, new customers, and partners that we’ve worked with for a number of years, so we’re very happy.”

Chantal Dubé, Head of Sales & Relationship Management, Vision-Box
“It’s been very busy – even busier than we thought it was going to be. The calibre of people we’ve been talking to are the people we want to connect with, so we’ve found the show very good. In terms of networking, it’s been nice to have that face-to-face interaction again and the calibre of people in attendance has made that easy – people have been wanting to talk to us and willing to take the time to chat, so that’s been very good.”

Rachel Wesson, Commercial Director, Zafire Aviation
“FTE Global is a high-density show, with a lot of different participants. Everybody from the industry is here. We’ve got people from the public sector, border management, TSA, CBP, all of the major vendors and technology providers are here – it’s just a really great time. You gain a lot of value at the social events – that’s where those more candid conversations can take place and you can really learn what’s going on and really connect with people on a deeper level, so it’s been fantastic. We definitely want to come back to with a bigger booth too – we’ve gotten a lot of value out of it, just talking to the partners and customers. We’ll definitely be back – looking forward to it.”

Benji Hutchinson, President and COO, Paravision
“The experience at FTE Global this year has been very positive. It’s been delightful seeing new and old colleagues from far and wide. It’s been an excellent event. The number and quality of visitors to our booth has been fantastic. I can’t place enough emphasis on the positivity of the networking aspects of the show – the social events and other networking opportunities to engage with colleagues and partners, both government and private industry, has been an invaluable experience.”

Bill Carleton, Director, Program Management, NEC Corporation of America
“FTE Global has been amazing - the attendance has been great. It’s really useful for us as a company. We’re working with a number of different airlines around the world, including the U.S. but there are several people that we haven’t been able to meet before, so being able to connect with them face-to-face is really exciting. The networking events at FTE Global are great – they’re definitely some of the highlights of the event overall, because it’s a chance to just meet people casually and that’s not something you can do over Zoom, you have to meet face-to-face.”

Adam Fish, CEO & Co-Founder, Ditto
“It’s been a very positive experience and I’ve been very positively surprised by the number of people visiting our booth and the interest we’re seeing. The social events here are always fun. It’s fantastic to sit together with people and if you can have a chat over a beer, even better. It’s been good fun – we’ve attended FTE Global before and definitely plan on coming back again, because of the innovative component within FTE, looking for new technology. Us being a start-up with new technology using Artificial Intelligence brings innovation to visitors to the show.”

Norbert Steiger, President – Americas, Assaia – The Apron AI
“The experience at FTE Global has been very positive. We’ve been able to meet with key players in the industry in a very relaxed atmosphere. We’ve had meaningful discussions and made great contacts. We have generated some seriously good leads, so we’re very happy with our experience at the show. It’s all about the quality of the visitors, the great discussions, and the ability to have direct exposure to the audience that we want to talk with, so the event has absolutely met our expectations in the best possible way. I’m absolutely looking to be part of this family in the future.”

Uri Sperling, Founder & CEO, UCPlaces
“FTE Global has been amazing. The number of visitors, the level of conversations we’ve had with C-level executives, and the quality of leads, has been really good. It’s our first time here and next year we’ll be here 100% – if not on this size booth, then even bigger. The event has been really good from a networking perspective. Everyone has been really approachable.”

Wali Chaudry, Head of Customer Success, Snowfall

“We have been at FTE for at least the past three or four years. I like events like this because you can catch up with people and chat to airports and airlines. For instance, I managed to talk to some interesting entities such as Frankfurt Airport, Delta Air Lines and Atlanta Airport, so this was very important to me.”

Peter van der Lende, Business Development, The Americas & Europe, ICM

“We have had a fantastic show this year. It has been tremendous, especially in getting new customers interested in our solutions.”

Robert Sikam, Portfolio Director, bagchain

“The show has been great for us. We met with a lot of existing customers, but also a lot of new customers. We have made some really exciting contacts and we are really happy with how the show is going. I think FTE is one of the few shows that really brings a lot of airports from the US but also globally in one place.”

Marc Rauch, Managing Director, Xovis USA

“The participants who are here at the show are here to learn and that is what makes the show special. There is a lot of engagement. The meeting booking system was great and it worked really well for us and everybody showed up to the meetings.”

Kasper Hounsgaard, Managing Partner, Copenhagen Optimization

“This has been a very good show. We attend every year, and this has been the best year so far. The other aspect is that you had the government representatives here, including TSA and CBP and that is very good for the North America/US market, because there isn’t normally interaction with these organisations.”

Dan Joliet, Regional Sales Director, IER

“There have been so many people visiting our booth. It has been fantastic in the exhibition. This is one of the best shows, if not the best, that we attend. We are meeting all the right people from airports and airlines. It’s an awesome place to connect.”

Daniel Vandevenne, Account Manager, Brock Solutions

“This is the show for the aviation market. Most of the key solution providers are here. The networking opportunities are fantastic – we’ve definitely been meeting the right people here.”

E. “DJ” Lee, PhD, Director Global RFID Channel, Avery Dennison

“We have had many people visiting our stand. There has been big interest in our (aircraft) seats and what we can do for the passenger experience. We have certainly met the right people at our stand. It is our first time here, and the show has exceeded our expectations.”

Andrea Giordano, R&D Manager, Optimares

“Everything has been great at FTE Global…The networking has been excellent, and it has been very busy for us in the exhibition.”

Neilicia Howard, Account Director, SITA

“From an expo side of things, we’ve made some great connections, including new connections. It’s been a really good opportunity for us to see how things in the industry are going, how it is developing.”

Greg Jones, Managing Director, Worldwide Hospitality & Travel, Microsoft

“The networking has been very good. There is a good quality of people here. It is my first time attending FTE Global and 80% of visitors to our stand have been interesting to us.”

Manuel Aragones, CEO, Travel Compositor

“FTE Global has been great. We’ve had lots of people coming by the stand. We’re really interested in meeting airports, and the event has been very good for that. The show has met our expectations and we would come again.”

Michael Moore, Director, Client Services, Aislelabs

“The show is amazing. We’ve been very busy, with lots of interest in our RFID solution. We’ve been meeting the people we were hoping to meet. There are very big opportunities here at the show and it’s nice to network with potential customers within the industry.”

Borry Vrieling, Founder and Managing Director, eezeetags

“It has been busy – once again a great show. The event grows every year. FTE Global is a staple for us.”

Brad Iverson, Vice President – Sales, Embross

“I’m getting to meet people I don’t normally meet at other trade shows. The quality of meetings we’ve had has been fantastic. The conference sessions I’ve been in have also been excellent.”

Thomas B. Duffy, Managing Director, Gate Solutions, ADB Safegate

“We have certainly met the right people here. The quality of contacts we have met has been brilliant…it has been perfect for us really.”

Robin Springer, Product Manager, Global Product Management, Information Management Services, Collins Aerospace

“It’s the first time I’ve participated and the event has been excellent. There has been non-stop customer interaction and we have identified some very good leads. The event is even more interactive than I expected, and the networking and social aspects have been great.”

Paul Nihill, Senior Account Manager Advanced Recognition Systems, NEC

“There has been a lot of traffic to our stand, which is what we were looking for. There is an appealing level of attendees – the right people. There are lots of buyers here, which is good.”

Joey Pritikin, Founder and Co-CEO, Tascent

“We have got 8 to 10 solid leads. The people stopping by our stand are the right kind of people. I’ve been doing trade shows for 25 years and I can see that there’s a good mix of vendors here. The leads are for good potential customers.”

Keith Holt, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“It has been a great event. There has been good traffic in the exhibition, and we have made several good contacts. The networking opportunities are excellent.”

Jeana Schneck, Key Account Manager Commercial Displays HE B2B Division, LG Electronics USA

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