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In addition to viewing demonstrations of the very latest products, services and solutions in the free to attend expo, visitors to FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023 will have complimentary access to an exciting schedule of education, briefings and social engagement.

The agenda for FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023 is currently being developed, but to give you an idea of the overall quality and areas of focus, please review the Expo Floor Schedule from our 2022 event:

2022 agenda

Wednesday 9th November 2022 - Day 1

Wednesday 9th November 08:45 - 08:45

Official Expo Opening - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

08:45 - 08:45

Registration & Exhibition Opens

Wednesday 9th November 09:45 - 10:30

Innovation & Tech Briefing on the EXPO floor: Baggage

Featuring demos from:

Wednesday 9th November 10:30 - 11:00

Opening Keynotes


What does the future of travel look like in Asia-Pac, and how is the Trip.com Group evolving to serve that?

Yudong Tan

VP, CEO of the Flights BG

Trip.com Group (a global travel services company that owns and operates Trip.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner and Qunar)


AirAsia is transitioning into a digital travel and lifestyle company and revolutionising its commercial activities along the way. So, what has it learned so far, and what recommendations does it have for others looking to hugely scale up their e-commerce efforts?

Colin Currie

President (Commercial)

Capital A

Sponsored by

Wednesday 9th November 11:00 - 11:45

The future of e-commerce, ancillaries & loyalty in air transport


Each panellist will take five minutes to share their latest efforts, before the session transitions into a fast-moving panel discussion between the moderator, panellists and audience.

Apple Ignacio

Director, Ancillaries

Cebu Pacific

Renato Ramos

Director Loyalty

Star Alliance

Jayne Wear

Head of Omnichannel

Auckland Airport

Vimal Kumar Rai

EVP Global Sales & Marketing


Questions to consider:
  • What are the big lessons learned on commercial partnerships from the pandemic and what do we see as the new opportunities?
  • How can we learn more and engage better with the future consumer and what are the services and products they will need going forward that we should be building retailing strategies around?
  • Airport retail and Onboard retail have always been in competition, but couldn’t it now be a collaboration, and how do we then create an integrated experience with the customer in mind and what role should each stakeholder play in it?
  • A significant number of brands are pulling out of travel retail as they find new ways to engage with the consumer directly. How do we remedy that, and fundamentally, what is the real USP of travel retail now to the consumer and how do we become great at it to ensure the business thrives?
  • How can we address the big problems in travel retail around lack of staff, cash flow, disruption in supply chain, and rising costs?
  • We are now used to far more choice in our daily lives than ever before – how can the industry deliver more choice to passengers to enhance CX and revenues?
  • How will commercial partnership models evolve going forward now between airlines, airports, retailers and brands?
  • How will payment methods evolve for travel, and will cryptocurrencies become omnipresent for the sector sooner than we think?
  • How can stakeholders do a better job driving revenues across the whole journey, versus just those around day of travel?
  • How can we now advance essential data sharing efforts between stakeholders to create a bigger pie for all to share in?
  • How are airlines thinking of evolving their business models & practices and how will this impact other stakeholders? For example, will some airlines, as rumoured, remove hot food service on short haul routes to reduce complexity and weight, and could this open up more scope for collaboration with airports and F&B providers?
  • Airlines sell airport products like parking and lounges through APIs but getting beyond that has proved a step too far. How do we now find solutions to make the important breakthrough in this realm?
  • Should airlines be focusing on being better at traditional ancillary sales like baggage or is there real opportunity in new revenue streams?
  • What is the evidence for investment in onboard digital?
  • Looking ahead, what will be more important for the industry in terms of spend at the airport – digital or physical retailing?
Wednesday 9th November 12:00 - 13:00

Successfully digitising the aircraft cabin


The moderator will set the scene, and then each speaker will talk for 5 minutes about how they are advancing onboard digitilisation efforts to enhance operational, CX and revenue   performance for the industry, before the session moves to a fast-moving panel discussion.

Stefan List

Head of Cabin Market Insights


david-coiley VP Aviation
David Coiley

Regional Vice President Asia Pacific Aviation Sales


Andre Sousa

Senior Director & Head of Sales and Account Management - APAC

Panasonic Avionics

Jonas von Kruechten

Head of Strategy and Business Development

AERQ & APEX Board Member

Wednesday 9th November 13:30 - 14:30

The FTE Self-Service & Biometric Summit


When FTE started back in 2006, we were already questioning how long self-service kiosks would be around for as personal mobile devices were then being hailed as the only thing a passenger would need on the day of travel to move through the airport: However, 16 years later the kiosk, and other self-service infrastructure, still play a central role in the airport experience but will this always be the case? In this candid discussion our moderator and panel will address the evolving business case around different approaches that could be taken with today’s technology to help our audience make informed choices about their next investments in this area.

Topics to be covered include: Using kiosks for health checks; self-service for passengers with disabilities; who should pay for self-service infrastructure; the ancillary revenue opportunities provided by self-service; voice-activated self-service; common use or not; 1 vs 2 step; creating touchless self-service; integrating biometrics; new CUSS & CUPPS standards; the role of personal mobile devices.

Ross Falconer

Head of Content

Future Travel Experience

Scene-Setting Presentation:

Star Alliance wants half its airline members to use biometrics by 2025, so what recommendations does it have for the sector on evolving its self-service approaches to meet industry, and passenger, expectations of the future?

Jesse Jalleh

Director Travel Experience

Star Alliance

Jonathan Good

Chief Technology & Marketing Officer

Auckland Airport

Rob Bowring


Elenium Automation

Richard Dinkelmann


ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company

Wednesday 9th November 14:30 - 15:00

Innovation & Tech Briefing on the EXPO floor: Automation & Self-Service

Featuring demos from:

Wednesday 9th November 15:00 - 16:00

New Business Models and Approaches to IFEC


The moderator will set the scene, and then each speaker will talk for five minutes about new business models and approaches to IFEC, which has evolving use cases including ordering F&B, delivering advertising, retail portals, and pay models, before moving to a fast-moving panel discussion.

Dr. Joe Leader



Nick Silvester

Director, Sales APAC

Intelsat Commercial Aviation

Tom Mano

Vice President, Products & Services Planning

All Nippon Airways

Anissa Soraya

Manager Inflight Material & IFEC

Garuda Indonesia

David Miller


Inflight Dublin

More inspirational speakers to be announced soon

Wednesday 9th November 16:00 - 16:45

Innovation & Tech Briefing on the EXPO floor: IFEC & Inflight Innovation

Featuring demos from:

Wednesday 9th November 16:15 - 17:15

FTE Baggage Innovation Summit


Following an update from the moderator on the latest progress from the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group on its POCs and focus areas, and a provocative scene-setting presentation on how we can overcome current challenges, and open new opportunities across the baggage realm, the panel will share ideas and views around some key topics.

Moderator’s Presentation:
Darin Juby

Head of Baggage Transformation, Future Travel Experience & Managing Director, Operational Performance Transformation

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Jasper Quak

Managing Director


Paige See

Manager, Customer Experience (Baggage)

Star Alliance

David Cho

Senior Manager

Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC)

Dennis van Kleef

Programme Lead Baggage

Royal Schiphol Group

More inspirational speakers to be announced soon

Wednesday 9th November 17:45 - 18:15

The FTE Airline & Airport Transformation Power Lists Asia-Pacific 2022 Awards Ceremony

Everyone is welcome to experience the FTE APEX Asia Awards 2022 presentation ceremony on the Expo Stage. It has been a time of real transformation across the sector and we want to honour and recognise those efforts in Singapore. The FTE Airline & Airport Transformation Power Lists Asia-Pacific will shine a light on those who have lived through the crisis and pioneered new approaches with the potential to improve travel for passengers and make the industry safer, more efficient and commercially successful. Six of the 20 nominees will be awarded with an “Outstanding Achievement” trophy during an official awards ceremony which will provide the perfect opportunity for us to announce and honour our nominees and winners, amongst industry friends and colleagues.

Thursday 10th November 2022 - Day 2

08:45 - 08:45

Registration Opens

09:00 - 09:00

Exhibition Opens

Thursday 10th November 09:30 - 10:30

Making Sustainability Work Onboard


Following an introduction by the moderator, each speaker will talk for 5-10 minutes to share the steps they are taking to enhance onboard sustainability, before the session moves into a fast-paced panel discussion. 

Dr. Joe Leader



Azman B. Ahmad

GM Product Management

Saudia Airlines

Nick Wiley

Global Managing Director

En Route International Ltd

Matt Crane

Founding Member

Aviation Sustainability Forum

Questions to consider:
  • What steps is your organisation taking today to help make the onboard experience as environmentally sustainable as possible?
  • How can all stakeholders work together more effectively in order to make the industry as environmentally sustainable as possible? How is your organisation currently working with other stakeholders to this end?
  • What steps can we all take to significantly reduce the amount of onboard waste?
  • How important is it to create a “culture of sustainability” to ensure the entire organisation, and every member of staff and partner, understands the true scale of the sustainability challenge and buys in to the commitment to create positive change? Do you have any advice on how we can all help to create and embrace a “culture of sustainability”?
  • What can airlines and their partners do to encourage travellers to prioritise values (i.e. a responsibility towards environmental sustainability) over value (i.e. searching for the cheapest tickets)?
Thursday 10th November 09:45 - 10:15

Innovation & Tech Briefing on the EXPO floor: Airport Technology

Featuring demos from:

Thursday 10th November 10:30 - 11:00

Innovation Briefing on the EXPO floor: Sustainability In Action Onboard

Featuring demos from:

Thursday 10th November 10:45 - 11:30

Startup Pitch Session Powered by the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub

Powered by the FTE Digital, Innovation & Startup Hub, the free-to-attend Startup Pitch Session will showcase a selection of startups that can help airlines, airports and their partners improve the passenger experience, enhance operational efficiency and increase revenues. You can expect to hear from a diverse range of startups with a selection of pioneering products and services – from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions through to the latest inflight concepts.

Ryan Ghee

Chief Operating Officer

Future Travel Experience

Startups pitching:
Yavuz Karadag

Co-Founder & CEO


Eric Liu

Founder & CTO

Virspatial Technologies

Max Alexander

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Nicole Caba

Founder & CEO


Shabbir Girach

Managing Director


George Georgiopoulos

Chief Commercial Officer

Ariadne Maps

Jerrel Leung

Chief Architect


Thursday 10th November 11:30 - 12:30

Strategic Perspectives & Disruptive Approaches

Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO

Future Travel Experience

Interview: How did the Lion Air Group survive and then revive from the pandemic, and how will it make new domestic airline launch – Super Air Jet – a successful part of future strategies?

Gunardi Minah

GM Marketing

Lion Air, and Member of the FTE APEX Asia Expo Advisory Board

Can we truly reimagine the end-to-end travel experience through dynamic technology, and collaborative new approaches?

Dr Spencer Dando

VP Middle East & Africa


Roadmap to launch Urban Air Mobility: What are Volocopter’s plans for the commercial launch of its UAM ecosystem, and how will this innovative transport system become a vital part of everyday life? 

Hon Lung Chu

Head of APAC


Thursday 10th November 12:00 - 12:30

Innovation & Tech Briefing on the EXPO floor: Airline Technology

Featuring demos from:

Thursday 10th November 13:30 - 14:30

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) POCs Briefing Session

The FTE Head of Baggage Transformation and the vendors involved in our latest POC efforts will be available to meet participants who want to learn more about the results from the recent trials of reclaim optimisation at YYZ, moving baggage between the US and Canada, leveraging computer vision technology & the testing of permanent bag tags.

Thursday 10th November 13:30 - 14:30

Strategies to simultaneously better serve the passenger, and the business

Ryan Ghee

Chief Operating Officer

Future Travel Experience


Exclusive Research Unveiling – “Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller and Shaping the Future Airport Experience”: what does this brand-new research piece tell us about how the role of digital and experiences is driving future airport innovation and new revenue opportunities?

Stephen Hay

Global Strategy Director

Airport Dimensions 

How is United Airlines evolving its approaches with initiatives like ‘Agent on Demand’ and biometrics to better serve the modern passenger? 

Deacon Konc

Director, Innovation & Solutions

United Airlines

How is the recently launched innovation department of FlyArystan evolving approaches to airport experiences, disruption and loyalty programmes for its customers?

Yerzhan Akhmetzhanov

Senior Manager Innovation

FlyArystan (Air Astana Group)

More inspirational speakers to be announced soon

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Delegate and exhibitor testimonials

“It has been amazing. Connectivity and personalisation are two of our key objectives for 2023 and we’re seeing so much of it here at the expo, which has been so great for us. We’re really grateful that we had the privilege to come here. We’ve already decided to attend next year.”

Andre Viljoen, Managing Director & CEO, Fiji Airways

“FTE APEX Asia Expo has been fantastic – it has been incredibly stimulating, with lots of great ideas, interesting people and fantastic talks, so there’s really a lot to take home and think about. The exhibition has had some fantastic suppliers and a lot of companies I didn’t know before. I’m already looking forward to coming back next year.”

Jonathan Good, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer, Auckland Airport

“It has been excellent from a networking perspective because I get to make new connections and at the same time learn about new digital technology and customer experience innovation. This is my third time attending FTE APEX Asia Expo and I look forward to coming back in 2023.”

Gunardi Minah, GM Marketing, Lion Air

“I’m a big supporter of this show because at its heart is a desire to bring industry stakeholders together not only to view the latest products and services, but to share experiences and expertise with one another, and to collaborate for the benefit of the wider air transport sector.”

Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL)

“The expo has been an amazing experience. I really love it, as I have made many new connections… We have found a diverse range of potential partners to work with here.”

Anissa Soraya, Manager Inflight Material & IFEC, Garuda Indonesia

“It was very inspirational to be back in person and have the chance to meet many people from within the aviation ecosystem. It has been a fantastic event with great discussions and exchanges on the various panels. We need this kind of event to bring all of the ecosystem partners together and find solutions that support everybody.”

Stefan List, Head of Cabin Market Insights, Airbus

“It’s a great experience to be at this expo, where the exhibitors are showcasing what passengers would like to have in the future. This event is very good because it gives airlines the opportunity to see what’s coming in the future, so we can improve the passenger experience.”

Mohd Mustafa Zainal Abidin, Senior Executive, AirAsia

“My experience at FTE APEX Asia Expo has been great this year. We’ve been able to see many companies that offer innovative solutions. One of the most valuable things is making connections with airports and other airlines, and people who are trying to solve a lot of the same problems that we’re trying to solve.”

Deacon Konc, Director, Innovation & Solutions, United Airlines

“The event has been very effective for us. The conference sessions have been interesting. We have had the opportunity to see which initiatives other airlines are working on right now and perspectives from different markets. The exhibition has also been very interesting – we have seen a lot of vendors from different areas. You can find solutions for airports and airlines. It’s our first visit to FTE APEX Asia Expo and I hope to be back.”

Yerzhan Akhmetzhanov, Head of Innovation, FlyArystan (Air Astana Group)

“The expo this year has been excellent. We’ve had some great visitors to the stand – the quality and depth of the visitors that we’ve had has been absolutely top-notch, so we’re very pleased with the last couple of days and what we’ve achieved here… We very much look forward to being back at FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023 – it’s been a wonderful show here and I’m sure next year will be even bigger and better.”

David Coiley, Asia Pacific Regional Vice President, Inmarsat Aviation

“We’ve enjoyed the show, the traffic has been incredible, and we’ve had very interesting discussions with our customers and partners. I’m surprised with the quality and quantity of visitors to our stand – both have been beyond our expectations.”

Rakan Khaled, General Manager, Airport Systems, Collins Aerospace

“Our experience here has been amazing. It’s our first time here and we’re really grateful to be exhibiting. The number and quality of visitors to our stand has been very amazing – we’ve been able to make a lot of connections. After every conference session there has been a lot of people coming by our booth, so we’re very satisfied. Based on our experience this year, this is a very worthy event to come back to.”

Gabriella Sharon Gozali, Global Marketing Specialist, Makebot.ai

“The experience here has been great. I’ve really enjoyed looking at the new innovations on the stands that are here, as well as the opportunity to showcase our own business. The number and quality of visitors to our stand has met our expectations – from our perspective, it’s much more about the quality of visitors and we’re very pleased. We’ve had some really good dialogue with some very senior people in the industry.”

Mignon Buckingham, CEO of Airport Dimensions, Collinson Group Ltd

“The expo has given Panasonic a unique opportunity to interact with Asia's leading airlines. We've been able to have meaningful conversations with key customers in the region about the Internet of Me experience we're offering through our NEXT IFEC platform. We've also been able to get real, tangible feedback about future technologies like biometrics that have the potential to even further improve airline efficiency and passenger engagement. All in all, it's been a tremendous success.”

Noel Catlett, Director, Solutions Product Marketing, Panasonic Avionics Corporation

“The show has been very interesting, and it has been good to see friends, partners, customers and potential customers face-to-face. We have had a busy show and we are very satisfied with the leads and conversations. The networking opportunities are always a highlight. We have booked again already for next year.”

Michael Seidler, Senior Sales Manager, PrehKeyTec Germany

“We’ve got some good traction at the event, with some good footfall at the stand… We’ve had a strong presence in the exhibition this time and look forward to having one next year as well.”

Aditya Raina, COS, Head of Strategy & Marketing, Asia Pacific, SITA

“It’s good to meet people face-to-face again, which is very good in terms of collaboration. The audience coming to our booth is very diversified – we’ve had airlines, airports, agencies and authorities, so it’s a very positive audience we’re seeing here. The networking opportunities and social events are very good – there’s a very relaxed atmosphere. We will be back next year for sure.”

Ryan Lee, Vertical Business Owner, Airports, AS APAC, dormakaba Singapore Pte Ltd

“It’s been a good experience here at FTE APEX Asia Expo. It’s so good to be together again meeting face-to-face with colleagues, friends and potential clients. We have had some good quality conversations. The networking opportunities and social events are always good. I’ve attended a few conference sessions and found them very interesting and engaging. We will be back next year.”

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO, ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company

“The experience here was definitely very good. It’s great to be back and see everyone again. We’ve had a lot of visitors to our booth – I was impressed, it was even better than expected. The networking opportunities and social events have been very good, and I love the new event app that FTE is using. I have already booked our booth for next year.”

Jasper Quak, Managing Director, BAGTAG

“It’s been great to show what we do to first-time customers and also to maintain that presence with our existing customers and build on those personal relationships. It’s also been great to look around the exhibition and see what’s coming next. The walk-ups to the stand have been very positive as well, so hopefully there’s plenty of business to come afterwards.”

Henry Lake, Sales Account Manager, ESP Global Services

“Our team had the opportunity to showcase an entirely new omnichannel approach that matches the changing customer needs. On top of that, we also spoke to hundreds of professionals from the aviation industry and beyond, sharing our expertise in digital customer care and our self-service solution. Together with our partners, Gen25, M2mobi, Prestop and 24 sessions, we had an extremely insightful experience at the Expo.”

Tobias Walraven, CEO, RIFF

“It has been a very good networking experience. This is a show that all of the leading suppliers and integrators have to attend – it’s a “go to” show for the aviation industry.”

John Ng, Sales Manager (APAC), Desko

“The show has gathered the key target market of airlines who we wanted to meet. It’s good that the show is dedicated to both airlines and airports because we can offer both in-flight seats and seating for airport lounges, so we’ve had a couple of airports stopping by too.”

Ieva Baradouska, Head of Marketing & Communications, Vanema

Travel & Accommodation

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Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, 8-9 November 2023, Singapore

Singapore is a highly appealing and accessible destination and a reference site for customer experience excellence. In addition, the iconic Marina Bay Sands offers world-class event facilities, ultimate luxury and breathtaking views across the city.

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FTE & APEX Asia Awards

Recognising the most customer-centric airports and airlines across Asia and Oceania

FTE APEX Asia Expo will host regional awards ceremonies led by both Future Travel Experience (FTE) and the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

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Driving new collaborations to support industry progress is at the heart of the event, and our intelligent event app is designed to help enable this.

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FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023 is Asia’s biggest free to attend passenger experience and business performance expo for the air transport industry. It provides an unrivalled platform for the industry’s most innovative product, service and solution providers from across Asia and beyond to showcase their latest products and concepts designed to help airlines and airports improve end-to-end customer experiences, reduce costs, increase revenues, and enhance sustainability and operational efficiency.

FTE APEX Asia Expo 2023
- November 2023
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre,Singapore