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Why exhibit at FTE APEX Asia Expo?

  • Meet and connect with many potential new customers in the region.
  • Strengthen and reinforce your relationships with existing customers.
  • Meet new regional partners/distributors who can help you achieve your growth ambitions.
  • Strengthen or establish your brand across Asia and Oceania.
  • Save time and money by meeting all your customers/prospects under one roof, rather than flying your sales team around the region.

Exclusive FTE APEX Asia Expo exhibitor benefits:

  • Exhibitor stand personnel qualify for Premium delegate passes, which grant access to the social events and conference sessions, where VIP buyer attendees from airlines and airports will also be in attendance.
  • Airline and airport attendees will be encouraged to use the One-to-One Meeting System to arrange meetings with exhibitors before and during the show.
  • Exhibitors receive preferential and early access to the dynamic One-to-One Meeting System, giving them exclusive access to all registered delegates weeks in advance of the show.
  • Exhibitors will be extensively promoted within our electronic marketing campaigns, which will be sent to 50,000+ FTE subscribers before and after FTE APEX Asia Expo 2024.

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Why be part of FTE APEX Asia Expo?

Exhibitor testimonials

“In 2023, this is one of the best shows we have attended. We have had a very busy stand with a lot of high-quality leads, so it has been an absolutely wonderful experience for us. For 2024, this event for the Asia Pacific region will absolutely be a must.”

Luca Alessandro Francese, Marketing Global Manager, Thales

“Our experience has been great. What we’ve enjoyed is meeting professionals across the aviation industry, having very deep conversations and learning from them, as well as sharing our own journey. It has been a very diverse range of people we have met in terms of networking, so it has been a very enriching experience. I would love to keep coming to this event.”

Rishi Mehta, CEO & President, Waisl

“FTE APEX Asia Expo has been a great networking event. We’ve had a steady stream of visitors, some very good meetings and made some good new connections. The social and networking events have been very strong. There’s been a good quality of visitor here and we’ve had the opportunity to meet people we otherwise wouldn’t have. We will definitely be coming back again next year – it’s an important event for us.”

John White, CEO, Inflight Dublin

“We have been able to showcase many new technologies to airlines and airports, so they can visualise how they are going to help them through transformation and digitalisation. The quality of visitors has been great. There has been a lot of regional, Asia Pacific customers coming through. This is one of the main events for us in Asia Pacific.”

Sanjeev K, Vice President, SITA at Airports, Borders, Communications & Data Exchange, SITA

“The quality of people here is extremely high, and we have been speaking to the decision-makers. The social events have been great for networking and meeting people we haven’t met before. The FTE team was very good at introducing me to many airlines during the event, so it has been very positive. The networking app has also been exceptionally good, and I’ve had some very high-quality meetings because of it. We will definitely be here next year.”

David Thomas, Chief Operations and Product Officer / Joint Founder, Apios

“The part I have most enjoyed is getting to meet a lot of new people and companies and learn about new technologies. The networking opportunities are very good here, with a lot of diverse companies represented. It has been a very good experience and we will definitely return to exhibit in 2024.”

Richi Ang, Business Development Manager, JG Tech Innovation

“It has been a brilliant experience. For us, the event has been very exhilarating, and we have found the conversations very meaningful. FTE events always live up to expectations. The number of attendees is growing each year and we find that decision-makers and influencers are here, and they want to have real, serious conversations. We find a lot of value exhibiting and will most definitely be back next year, hopefully with an even bigger booth.”

Maneesh Jaikrishna, Managing Director of Middle East, Asia Pacific & Africa, Vision-Box

“FTE APEX Asia Expo is a great opportunity to connect with customers and this is one of the most critical events for us within the region. We’re very pleased with the quality and quantity of visitors – we’ve seen lots of our key customers and some target customers as well. 100% we will be back again next year – probably with a bigger booth than this year.”

Marisa Pitsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer, FORMIA

“This is our third time exhibiting and I am totally satisfied. We will go home with a lot of new leads from the region. FTE brings the right quality of visitors to the event. I couldn’t expect that we would receive so many leads, so we are very happy. We will be back in 2024 and 2025, hopefully with an even bigger booth.”

Fatih Suluner, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, TAV Technologies

“We’ve really enjoyed the event. It’s our first time here and we’ve met a lot of new clients in airlines and even some manufacturing partners that we’re looking forward to collaborating with. The quality of visitors has been fantastic, and we definitely have some new opportunities. We do plan to come back next year and continue to expand our reach into the Asia market.”

Jennifer Green, Co-founder & President, Procurall Solutions

“The overall experience has been great. One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about the event is meeting all of the people in the industry, including the airline buyers and also other suppliers. The networking and quality of visitors at the show have been great – we’re seeing the full procurement teams. I would definitely do this event again – it has been very collaborative.”

Paula Wines, Creative Director, Asia, Linstol

“Singapore is the perfect networking location in Asia Pacific. There have been a lot of networking opportunities and we are very pleased that all of the major airports and airlines are present at the event. The quality of visitors is extremely high compared to what we are seeing at other events in this industry. We will definitely be exhibiting again next year.”

Fabio Tomi, Regional Director APAC, Magnetic Automation

“The expo this year has been excellent. We’ve had some great visitors to the stand – the quality and depth of the visitors that we’ve had has been absolutely top-notch, so we’re very pleased with the last couple of days and what we’ve achieved here.”

David Coiley, Asia Pacific Regional Vice President, Inmarsat Aviation

“We’ve enjoyed the show, the traffic has been incredible, and we’ve had very interesting discussions with our customers and partners. I’m surprised with the quality and quantity of visitors to our stand – both have been beyond our expectations.”

Rakan Khaled, General Manager, Airport Systems, Collins Aerospace

“Our experience here has been amazing. It’s our first time here and we’re really grateful to be exhibiting. The number and quality of visitors to our stand has been very amazing – we’ve been able to make a lot of connections. After every conference session there has been a lot of people coming by our booth, so we’re very satisfied. Based on our experience this year, this is a very worthy event to come back to.”

Gabriella Sharon Gozali, Global Marketing Specialist, Makebot.ai

“The experience here has been great. I’ve really enjoyed looking at the new innovations on the stands that are here, as well as the opportunity to showcase our own business. The number and quality of visitors to our stand has met our expectations – from our perspective, it’s much more about the quality of visitors and we’re very pleased. We’ve had some really good dialogue with some very senior people in the industry.”

Mignon Buckingham, CEO of Airport Dimensions, Collinson Group Ltd

“The expo has given Panasonic a unique opportunity to interact with Asia's leading airlines. We've been able to have meaningful conversations with key customers in the region about the Internet of Me experience we're offering through our NEXT IFEC platform. We've also been able to get real, tangible feedback about future technologies like biometrics that have the potential to even further improve airline efficiency and passenger engagement. All in all, it's been a tremendous success.”

Noel Catlett, Director, Solutions Product Marketing, Panasonic Avionics Corporation

“The show has been very interesting, and it has been good to see friends, partners, customers and potential customers face-to-face. We have had a busy show and we are very satisfied with the leads and conversations. The networking opportunities are always a highlight. We have booked again already for next year.”

Michael Seidler, Senior Sales Manager, PrehKeyTec Germany

“It’s good to meet people face-to-face again, which is very good in terms of collaboration. The audience coming to our booth is very diversified – we’ve had airlines, airports, agencies and authorities, so it’s a very positive audience we’re seeing here. The networking opportunities and social events are very good – there’s a very relaxed atmosphere. We will be back next year for sure.”

Ryan Lee, Vertical Business Owner, Airports, AS APAC, dormakaba Singapore Pte Ltd

“The experience here was definitely very good. It’s great to be back and see everyone again. We’ve had a lot of visitors to our booth – I was impressed, it was even better than expected. The networking opportunities and social events have been very good, and I love the new event app that FTE is using. I have already booked our booth for next year.”

Jasper Quak, Managing Director, BAGTAG

“It’s been great to show what we do to first-time customers and also to maintain that presence with our existing customers and build on those personal relationships. It’s also been great to look around the exhibition and see what’s coming next. The walk-ups to the stand have been very positive as well, so hopefully there’s plenty of business to come afterwards.”

Henry Lake, Sales Account Manager, ESP Global Services

“Our team had the opportunity to showcase an entirely new omnichannel approach that matches the changing customer needs. On top of that, we also spoke to hundreds of professionals from the aviation industry and beyond, sharing our expertise in digital customer care and our self-service solution. Together with our partners, Gen25, M2mobi, Prestop and 24 sessions, we had an extremely insightful experience at the Expo.”

Tobias Walraven, CEO, RIFF

“It has been a very good networking experience. This is a show that all of the leading suppliers and integrators have to attend – it’s a “go to” show for the aviation industry.”

John Ng, Sales Manager (APAC), Desko

“The show has gathered the key target market of airlines who we wanted to meet. It’s good that the show is dedicated to both airlines and airports because we can offer both in-flight seats and seating for airport lounges, so we’ve had a couple of airports stopping by too.”

Ieva Baradouska, Head of Marketing & Communications, Vanema

Travel & Accommodation

Perfect Location

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore, 19-20 November 2024

Singapore is a highly appealing and accessible destination and a reference site for customer experience excellence. In addition, the iconic Marina Bay Sands offers world-class event facilities, ultimate luxury and breathtaking views across the city.

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FTE & APEX Asia Awards

Recognising the most customer-centric airports and airlines across Asia and Oceania

FTE APEX Asia Expo will host regional awards ceremonies led by both Future Travel Experience (FTE) and the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

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FTE APEX Asia Expo Networking

Event app and attendee engagement platform

Driving new collaborations to support industry progress is at the heart of the event, and our intelligent event app is designed to help enable this.

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Vital Event Information

FTE APEX Asia Expo 2024 is Asia’s biggest free to attend passenger experience and business performance expo for the aviation industry. It provides an unrivalled platform for the industry’s most innovative product, service and solution providers from across Asia and beyond to showcase their latest products and concepts designed to help airlines and airports improve end-to-end customer experiences, reduce costs, increase revenues, and enhance sustainability and operational efficiency.

FTE APEX Asia Expo 2024
- November 2024
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore