Jetstar Airways “moving towards a 100% self-service proposition”

“Innovation to enhance the passenger experience on the ground”: See more presentations like this at Future Travel Experience 2011, Vancouver, September 7-9.

“Jetstar’s been built primarily around innovation and we see that as a major part of our product and also our positioning in the market place”

– Stephen Tame, CIO, General Manager IT, Jetstar Airways.

Ranging from the JetSaver Light Fares and its pioneering low-cost long haul operations, to self-tagging and flight sales via social media, business and technological innovation has been placed at the heart of Jetstar Airways’ growth.

“Jetstar’s been built primarily around innovation and we see that as a major part of our product and also our positioning in the market place,” explained Stephen Tame, CIO, General Manager IT, Jetstar Airways .

Among the numerous initiatives that have been implemented by the airline are self-service check-in, self-tagging and fast bag drop, all of which have contributed to Jetstar receiving its highest-ever self-service survey results for check-in products. In fact, as Tame explained, self-service check-in has increased passenger throughput by 75% at asset-constrained airports, while within the first six months of its implementation, 55% of passengers made use of the self-service facility.

In his presentation, Tame also explains how Jetstar Airways plans to “re-enfranchise the leisure customer”, why the airline doesn’t plan to adopt RFID, and how the drive towards 100% self-service will reduce terminal costs while also increasing the passengers’ air travel experience.

Southwest, GTAA, Air Canada and Avinor help to drive baggage transformation as part of FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group

As part of our efforts to help the industry redefine the baggage experience, Future Travel Experience recently launched the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG), delivered with the support of our Strategic Partners AirPortr, BagsID Network and Brock Solutions.

The first round of online meetings, which took place in September, brought together hundreds of industry stakeholders who participated in highly engaging discussions around topics including advancing off-airport baggage collection, check-in and delivery; simplifying baggage infrastructure and processes at the airport; unlocking opportunities presented by modern baggage messaging; and creating new commercial models for new baggage approaches. The forward-thinking groups were led by expert Captains from companies including Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Air Canada, Avinor and Southwest Airlines, with the support of FTE’s Head of Baggage Transformation, Andrew Price. The full recordings are available to watch here.

The next BIWG online meeting will take place on 3 November and this will be followed by the first in-person meeting, which will be hosted in Las Vegas on 7 December, co-located with FTE Global 2021. The Working Group will then continue its work into 2022 and beyond.

Visit the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group page >>   



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