NFC moves closer as SITA unveils proof-of-concept

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The joint project between SITA Lab and Orange Business Services highlights how NFC can be used to simplify the passenger journey through the airport.

SITA’s SIM-based proof-of-concept highlights how a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled smartphone can simplify the check-in and boarding process for the passenger.

The joint project between SITA Lab and Orange Business Services, shows how passengers can make use of NFC to pass through security, airline lounge and boarding gates. DESKO and Kaba also contributed to the pilot, providing advanced scanners, readers and security access gates.

Jim Peters, SITA Chief Technology Officer and head of SITA Lab, said: “Mobile NFC is still a maturing technology with multiple implementation models. We chose to implement a solution that takes full advantage of the secure element on the SIM card and over-the-air deployment from a Trusted Service Manager (TSM) to the device.

“The project was a success and we now have a dedicated NFC demo room at our offices in Geneva where airlines and airports can experience this new type of passenger journey and discuss the technology which makes it happen.”

More information can be found here.

NFC will be one of the key topics debated at FTE Asia 2012. Per Wahlstedt Director Product Strategy & Development, Product & Customer Services, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, will discuss the NFC Smart Pass trial, while NFC and Mobile Boarding will be one of the key topics in the ‘Unconference’ session.

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