IATA and NFC Forum issue NFC guide for airports and airlines

NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel
The NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel has been produced to help air travel industry stakeholders better understand the benefits and costs relating to the adoption of Near Field Communication technology.

IATA and the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum have jointly published a reference guide for air travel stakeholders outlining the potential benefits of adopting NFC technology.

The ‘NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel’ was developed by the NFC Forum’s Air Transport Task Force and IATA’s Fast Travel Working Group and aims to help the global air travel industry better understand and evaluate the potential benefits, costs, uses and implementation options associated with the adoption of NFC.

Some potential uses highlighted include:

  • NFC use for secure provision, storage and reading of boarding passes on mobile devices
  • NFC on a mobile device to enable ‘tap-and-go’ access to elite lounges
  • Airlines and airports using NFC to provide (and cancel) access to secured areas to staff via their mobile devices
  • NFC tags coded and embedded in luggage tags to quickly access baggage information and better track bags’ progress
  • Travellers tapping their NFC-enabled devices to enter a parking garage, pay at exit, or store parking details for later reference
  • NFC payment applications for purchases in airport shops and onboard the aircraft

Stephan Copart, Head of Strategy, Industry Services Transformation, IATA, said: “IATA’s Simplifying the Business programme aims to set standards and drive innovation projects that enable a seamless passenger journey. NFC holds substantial promise to provide a smoother and faster airport experience for travellers. The NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel will be a valuable guide to help stakeholders identify potential opportunities from adoption of NFC technology.”

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