Pitch Sessions & Briefing Schedule

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Wednesday 8th June 12:20 - 13:15

Pitch Session: Startup Pitches & BIWG Inspiration

Startup Pitches:
Simon Dempsey


Plan3 and FTE’s ‘Mayor for Startups’


Avvinue: Pets are ready to travel too

Nicole Caba

Founder & CEO


More than 37% of families travel with their pets which has increased 19% over the last decade, and the airline industry has not adapted to this change. Avvinue has launched the Pet Reservation System (PRS) for airlines to generate ancillary revenue and streamline the entire pet transportation process. The PRS system offers dynamic pet pricing RBDs, inventory management and a central warehouse for pet policies. If your airline is ready to maximize on revenue from this trend, then Avvinue is the solution for your team. Join our pilot and meet the Avvinue team at Booth S4.


DutyFreak: Nobody likes a bad experience while traveling…

Sebastian Buerkle


DutyFreak GmbH

How Airports & Retails create great experience for their Traveling Customers!


Nonna Lab: The ultimate travel experience

Antoine-Baptiste Leonetti


Nonna Lab

Presentation of our worldwide innovation: Jetlag 


SimpleVisa: Increase your ancillary revenue thanks to mandatory travel visa

Christian Baillet



Are you aware about the staggering growth of eVisas across the world? Do you know how to help passengers deal with it, while making revenue in the process?

SimpleVisa integrates super easily in your booking and/or post booking flow. We deliver peace of mind to travellers, whilst creating a healthy revenue for airlines. We do this while delivering great customer service and data security.


ubiZense: AS2 – IoT-augmented and AI driven airfield service system

Jerrel Leung

Chief Architect


In this session we will discuss about how airfield operations could be automatically captured by IoT devices and how AI could help to optimize airfield performance.


UnDelay Travel

Safir Monroe



At UnDelay, we reduce flight delays and improve ground operations by turning airport radio communications into text. We are piloting our solution with two aviation entities and have raised over $200k to expand the team and our technology!


Wayfarer: Using Wayfarer Gamification to Raise Awareness and Drive Desired Sustainable Behaviour

Marcin Kosciak


Wayfarer Points

ESG and purpose focused initiatives are an imperative in today’s world. An organization’s commitment to driving and delivering change for a more sustainable world are at the forefront of employee, customer, and investors’ expectations. Wayfarer’s Gamification solution enables organizations to tap into the human dynamic and harness collective customer and employee behaviour to become part of the organizations’ sustainability goals. Wayfarer’s leadership position at the intersection of sustainability, gamification and loyalty (and marketing) ecosystems is allowing Wayfarer’s gamification solution to economically power a growing number of airline loyalty and employee programs, augmenting existing infrastructure investments to activate previously overlooked changemakers – the very people that rely on the organization for change – it’s customers, employees, and investors.

FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) Inspiration:

Shabstec Limited: Autonomous baggage cart with tag for life

Shabbir Girach

Managing Director

Shabstec Limited

We are currently developing an autonomous electric baggage cart. The cart in conjunction with the tag for life will allow passengers to check-in from home, avoid any queuing at airports and have full digital engagement with regards to their bag journey.

Airports will be able to streamline process such as HBS and remove hard wired baggage system designs so that bottle necks are avoided, Level 3 decisions are inherently taken care of and bags tracked end to end.

The cart and tag for life will allow airports / airlines achieve net zero targets.

Airlines can start engaging with their passengers from the minute they initiate the check-in process.


How can digitalization bring an end to the baggage reclaim in future airports?

Randel Darby

CEO and Founder


Airportr Technologies has led the development of technology driven fully segregated baggage handling solutions, for airlines, airports and passengers. Airline passengers are now able to have their bags picked up and checked-in from their doorsteps in a number of major cities and airports around Europe thanks to Airportr’s product. The company which focuses its innovation on baggage related pain points in the journey, is now addressing the arrivals experience, and aims to make waits at the baggage reclaim a thing of the past.


Airsiders: Virtual Interlining bag-thru solutions

Patrick Zeuner

Business Development Director


We offer two solutions (hub tag + spoke tag), which enable the airports to offer a smooth transfer journey for their passengers for non-interlined / non-cooperating carriers. We have already done PoCs at DUS, ARN and CPH and we will talk about our findings and strategy forward as well.


Green Baggage: Is your company ready for the change to a sustainable bag journey?

Taco Spoor

Team Leader Baggage Handling


We’re on a mission to make travelling with baggage better for our planet. We all dream of leaving footprints in the sand on picturesque beaches, but that doesn’t have to apply to our carbon footprint. Travelling with baggage has a surprising impact on the environment and we’re here to help change that.

Wednesday 8th June 13:30 - 15:30

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) POCs Briefing Session

The FTE BIWG will have its own dedicated booth at the show and between 13.30 and 15.30 on 8 June the FTE BIWG captains and the vendors involved in our latest POC efforts will be available to meet participants who want to learn more about the results from the recent trial of reclaim optimisation at YYZ. Southwest Airlines and Air Canada will also share details of the trial they are driving, which will see them moving baggage between the US and Canada, leveraging computer vision technology.  

The FTE BIWG captains are: 
Darin Juby

Head of Baggage Transformation

Future Travel Experience

Samuel Ingalls


Barich, Inc

Jason Odey

Director, Global Baggage Excellence

Air Canada

Idar Sørgjerd

Department Manager, BHS, Tech & Op. Excellence


Kevin Kleist

Senior Emerging Trends Advisor

Southwest Airlines

Thursday 9th June 2022

Thursday 9th June 13:15 - 13:45

Innovation Pitch Session


Hepstar: Introducing innovative ancillary products and merchandising that improve customer confidence and loyalty 

Brett Dyason

Co-Founder & CEO


Hepstar is an API based ancillary aggregator and merchandising specialist. The session focuses on some of the new innovative ancillaries, must have merchandising tools and personalisation capabilities we offer to improve booking and ancillary conversion, as well as customer experience. Are you ready to meet the evolving needs of travellers?


Flexiroam: Everyone needs connectivity. Why not get it from you?

Joost Cordes

Chief Revenue Officer


With the rise of eSIM enabled devices, mobile data services can be sold and activated with a click of a button.

The simplicity will speak to a larger audience than ever before and your company can benefit the most as it can be tailored to any destination.
Flexiroam is one of the early adopters when it comes to this technology and provides travel roaming services globally for over 10 years.


Teradata: Success is all about data!

Paul Ibberson

Ecosystem Architect


Stefan Thiel

Data & Analytics Practice Partner


What does the future travel experience look like? There’s no doubt that new partnerships between carriers, airports, technology companies, service providers, brands and destination agents provide fresh opportunities to add value to the traveller experience, while creating potential new revenue streams.

Fundamentally, the aviation industry’s success is all about data. Whatever approach airlines and airports decide to adopt, one thing is certain – the evolution of modern retailing, customer experience and operational excellence will require real-time data analytics at scale. For example, calculating the next-best, personalised air travel offer depends on understanding the full context of a booking request and predicting the probability of purchase related to packaged items and total price. It will also require the ability to increasingly tap into external data sources, such as consumer trends, social media activity, mobility data, regional and global event information, and travel restrictions.

At Teradata, we have been helping a number of the world’s leading airlines to understand and engage with their customers for over two decades. Come and learn how Vantage, our connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, helps the industry solve their challenges and prepare for the future.