FTE Ancillary & RETAILING 2023 23 - 25 May 2023, Dublin


Hear from the most inspirational speakers from inside and outside of the industry

The FTE Ancillary & Retailing conference will deliver an unrivalled learning experience, and provide a platform for some of the most progressive new approaches around the world to help inspire radical new business models between stakeholders, and new ways of thinking.

FTE has done a lot in this space already from leading the BARTA initiative back in 2017, through to our Business Model Transformation Think Tank in 2021, but optimising commercial performance has never been more important, and following the COVID-19 pandemic the time is right to bring the world’s airlines, airports, OTA’s and their partners, together to share best practice, new ideas and knowledge on scaling disruptive new approaches that drive new levels of conversion with passengers through digital means, and innovative new approaches at every step of the passenger journey – Inspiration & Booking, Pre-Travel, Airport, Inflight, Arrival and Post-Travel.


Through our theme “Tomorrow’s customer” we will deep dive on the needs of travellers going forward and how the sector should adapt to that and leverage technologies like AI, blockchain and the metaverse to take commercial performance to the next level. We need to provide more choice to passengers at every step of the journey, which requires more joined-up thinking from all travel stakeholders, and this show will provide the perfect open platform for those discussions to take place under one roof between airlines, airports, OTA’s, operators, brands and business partners from retail, food & beverage, travel services, media and many more.

Significant disruption in travel is underway, and our conferences will provide critical insights and learnings to our attendees on future trends and successful transformation strategies to help you be ready for tomorrow's world, and customer.

Carefully Curated Content & Unique Formats

FTE conferences deliver a memorable learning experience by providing insights from industry leaders, technology giants, disruptors, parallel industries, academia and startups. We run plenary sessions to provide outside-the-box thinking and inspiration on the future, and also focus in on dedicated topics for specific areas of interest. Our conference sessions utilise diverse formats, ranging from case studies and panel sessions to co-creation roundtables and elevator pitches. Most importantly the content is shaped carefully by the FTE Ancillary & Retailing advisory board, and our Content Director – Eric Leopold - who are perfectly placed to ensure the topics we cover are the most pertinent to the audience that represents their peers.

The agenda for the 2023 show is currently under development, but to give you a flavour of our quality and focus please review the schedule from our 2022 event.

FTE Ancillary Conference agenda 2022

Tuesday 7th June 2022 - Day 1

Tuesday 7th June 13:00 - 17:00


The members-only FTE Innovation & Startup Hub Live event will be hosted in the Trinity Business School at the world-famous Trinity College Dublin. Our Corporate Partners can expect high-level innovation keynotes, interactive panel discussions, co-creation roundtables, and quick-fire pitches from a selection of our most pioneering startup members addressing the themes of sustainability and automation.

To learn more or to join the FTE Innovation & Startup Hub, click here: https://www.fte-hub.com/ 

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Tuesday 7th June 18:00 - 19:30

Welcome Drinks at BrewDog Outpost Dublin

After being kept apart for the last two years, we plan to take the renowned networking at FTE EMEA/Ancillary/World Airport Retailing Summit to the next level, which is why we are adding an additional social event to this year’s schedule at BrewDog – Dublin. Delivering a fresh take on the classic beer hall, with two bars hosting 32 taps of incredible craft beer and a mouth-watering menu, both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers will find their favourites. We invite attendees to enjoy views of the River Liffey as well a roaring fire pit, shuffleboards, two outdoor areas, beer school area, and a microbrewery. Grab a cold drink, play some bar games, and connect with old and new friends indoors, or on the outdoor patio.

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Wednesday 8th June - Day 2

Wednesday 8th June 09:30 - 10:30

Official Exhibition Opening, Networking & Coffee

Start your day by visiting the FTE EMEA/Ancillary/World Airport Retailing exhibition floor and enjoying a morning coffee (or tea!). Take this opportunity to chat with our incredible selection of suppliers showcasing their solutions, products and services to help solve your industry challenges and inspire strategic business decisions. 

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Wednesday 8th June 10:30 - 11:00

Opening Keynote for all participants

Welcome Address
Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO

Future Travel Experience

Opening Keynote:
How has startup airline Flyr future-proofed itself from the start, and how does its approach to technology, commercial, operations, employees and customer journeys make it different to other airlines?
Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid



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Wednesday 8th June 11:00 - 12:00

Joint Opening Keynote Session for FTE Ancillary & World Airport Retailing conferences

Welcome Address:
Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO

Future Travel Experience

What does the future hold for Dublin Airport, and how will it evolve its approach towards commercial success in-house, and with its partners, going forward to maximise profits and enhance customer experiences?
Vincent Harrison

Managing Director

Dublin Airport

Outside of the Industry keynote
Outside of the Industry Keynote: How understanding demographics, data utilisation and new collaboration approaches will be key to transforming conversion and commercial success across travel.
Mark Pilkington


Global brand expert

Mark Pilkington is a global expert on consumer markets. He combines thought-leadership gained at Oxford University and INSEAD Business School with a track record of success across the branded, e-commerce and retail sectors.

He was one of the first thinkers to predict the global retail crisis in his book ‘Retail Therapy. Why the retail industry is broken – and what can be done to fix it’ (2019 – Bloomsbury).

He began his career in the 1990s, as Marketing Director of Wonderbra – a relatively unknown underwear brand – which he subsequently made famous all round the world. Then, in 2000, he founded Splendour.com – the world’s first vertically-integrated online brand – with the financial backing of Marks & Spencer Ventures. He successfully scaled Splendour, and it was acquired in 2006 by a public company.

From 2008 to 2017, he was Chief Executive of Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group, a leading Dubai-based retailer, with market-leading brands like The Body Shop, Early Learning Centre, Nayomi and Mikyajy, which he successfully expanded from 450 to 850 stores.

Mark Pilkington is currently Chief Executive Officer of Fire Brand Consulting, a consultancy which helps brands, retailers and retail property owners develop winning strategies for the future. As part of his consulting practice, he has worked with a major player in the travel industry on creating a vision for the future of travel retailing.

Bloomsbury published his second book ‘Retail Recovery. How creative retailers are winning in their post-apocalyptic world’ in 2021. The book includes in-depth case studies of how brands, retailers and retail property owners have succeeded in this new environment, and lays out a clear road map for the future.

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12:00 - 13:30

Lunch and networking in the exhibition hall

Wednesday 8th June 12:20 - 13:15

Startup Pitches & BIWG Inspiration Pitch Session schedule

Wednesday 8th June 13:30 - 13:45

Special Scene Setting Presentation

Three keys to unlocking the value of inflight connectivity
David Fox

Vice President Inflight & Connectivity Services

Telekom Deutschland GmbH

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Wednesday 8th June 13:30 - 14:30

What lessons have been learned from the pandemic, and what are the models, techniques and strategies that aviation stakeholders should be deploying now to ensure maximum revenues can be extracted at every point of the passenger journey and beyond?

Ancillary & World Airport Retailing Joint Session

This is a pivotal moment for the industry recovery and must be seized. So, how do we ensure industry focus, and discussions, around bold new commercial strategies can be scaled around the world for the greater good, versus focusing on individual efforts that get hamstrung by concerns over ROI?
Sinead Finn



Mark Hinge

President EMEA / APAC


Bob Cummings

EVP & President


Annabelle Cordelli

Vice President Global Marketing

Virgin Atlantic Airways & Virgin Holidays

  • What are the big lessons learned on commercial partnerships from the pandemic and what do we see as the new opportunities?
  • How can we learn more and engage better with the future consumer and what are the services and products they will need going forward that we should be building retailing strategies around?
  • Airport retail and Onboard retail have always been in competition, but couldn’t it now be a collaboration, and how do we then create an integrated experience with the customer in mind and what role should each stakeholder play in it?
  • A significant number of brands are pulling out of travel retail as they find new ways to engage with the consumer directly. How do we remedy that, and fundamentally, what is the real USP of travel retail now to the consumer and how do we become great at it to ensure the business thrives?
  • Is travel retail a cheaper recruiting ground for brands that SEO and PPC on-line….and if so how do travel players promote and monetise that?
  • How can we address the big problems in travel retail around lack of staff, cash flow, disruption in supply chain, and rising costs?
  • We are now used to far more choice in our daily lives than ever before – how can the industry deliver more choice to passengers to enhance CX and revenues?
  • How will commercial partnership models evolve going forward now between airlines, airports, retailers and brands?
  • How will payment methods evolve for travel, and will cryptocurrencies become omnipresent for the sector sooner than we think?
  • How can stakeholders do a better job driving revenues across the whole journey, versus just those around day of travel?
  • How can we now advance essential data sharing efforts between stakeholders to create a bigger pie for all to share in?
  • How are airlines thinking of evolving their business models & practices and how will this impact other stakeholders? For example, will some airlines, as rumoured, remove hot food service on short haul routes to reduce complexity and weight, and could this open up more scope for collaboration with airports and F&B providers?
  • Airlines sell airport products like parking and lounges through APIs but getting beyond that has proved a step too far. How do we now find solutions to make the important breakthrough in this realm?
  • Looking ahead, what will be more important for the industry in terms of spend at the airport – digital or physical retailing?
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Wednesday 8th June 13:45 - 15:00

FTE APEX Advancing & Commercialising IFEC Summit

Alternative Session Choice


Maryann Simson


Jetway Communications


The panel members will each share a range of dynamic approaches from their panel seats on their commercialising IFEC efforts, before engaging in a discussion on how modern consumer expectations are evolving and how the sector should adapt going forward to turn IFEC from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Daniel Murphy


Delta Flight Products

Dr. Joe Leader



Job Heimerikx



Ayman Abuljadayl

Manager, Product Cabin Interior & IFE

Saudia Airlines

David Fox

Vice President Inflight & Connectivity Services

Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  • How has the pandemic affected passengers’ demands and expectations in terms of the way they interact with and consume IFEC, and what steps should be taken to respond to these changes in consumer behaviour and expectations?
  • Inflight wifi use has been up extensively since the pandemic begun, so is it an essential for airlines now and what are the most effective ways of driving commercial returns from an IFEC platform?
  • Can we really expect passengers to pay for a connected experience onboard when Wi-Fi access is ubiquitous in their everyday life?
  • What are the future business models for acquiring and monetising IFEC, and how are vendors helping and hindering the efforts of airlines to transform their proposition in this space?
  • How can you personalise IFEC platforms to help drive passenger experiences, spending and enhance advertising revenue creation efforts?
  • How can airlines extend the IFE engagement window and what revenue opportunities might this create?
  • What role can dynamic content play in driving new revenue opportunities?
  • How can airlines benefit from OTT advertising opportunities, particularly around subscription-based streaming services?
  • Is there an appetite among passengers to pay for content onboard, and what kind of content is most likely to sell?
  • What should suppliers in this space be doing to support airlines’ IFEC & ancillary revenue ambitions?

Also: digitalising inflight F&B and retail sales, Commercialising next-generation inflight maps; leveraging the “connected crew” opportunity; the relationship between IFEC and loyalty; tapping into the “destination” opportunity.

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Wednesday 8th June 14:30 - 15:00

Special Interview

How are easyJet and CarTrawler evolving approaches and implementing intelligent use of data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to transform the travel marketplace, build brand loyalty and give customers a seamless digital experience?
Sophie Dekkers



Aileen McCormack

Chief Commercial Officer


Interviewed by
Sinead Finn



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15:00 - 15:45

Coffee and networking in the exhibition hall 

Wednesday 8th June 15:45 - 17:00

What are the means by which airlines can take their ancillary and loyalty strategies to the next level as COVID-19 moves from pandemic to endemic?

Format: Fast-moving panel discussion led by our moderator.

Aurelius Noell

General Partner


Peter Glade

Chief Commercial Officer


Kevin O’Shaughnessy


CityHook · Indigo

Patrick Edmond

Managing Director

Altair Advisory


New products and approaches for the post-pandemic traveller:

  • Is flexibility the new ancillary, and can deeper customer bonds created through that be the key to securing a deeper wallet share from the passenger?
  • How should airlines adapt retailing strategies to reflect increased consumer focus on health & wellness and making more ethical and sustainable purchases?
  • How has the pandemic truly changed passenger demographics and how should airlines adapt accordingly?
  • How do we provide more choice to passengers on the way they shape their travel experience, and how do ancillary strategies need to evolve to support that vision?
  • How should payment strategies for airlines evolve – from crypto to subscription services?
  • Bundling vs. unbundling of add-ons – LCCs, in particular were wired to unbundle and offer a la carte but is it better to bundle now or could we unbundle further to help get ticket prices even lower to drive demand?
  • Will ancillary business take on a more different form now that the world is shifting its perspective on COVID-19 from pandemic to endemic?
  • How can airlines get better at finding out what a passenger wants to do on their trip, and then provide tailored ancillary solutions? What are the best touchpoints, and methods, to get passengers to share that information after booking their flights?
  • Bags and seat assignments are the big two a la carte revenue producers worldwide. What changes might we see here?
  • What opportunities exist for ancillary revenue in the cabin environment, or perhaps in the airport?

Technology & Customer Engagement:

  • Can all types of airlines move into the e-commerce space selling products and services beyond the traditional travel related ancillaries and should they?
  • Social commerce – is this the future of selling? How can this be a distribution channel for airlines?
  • Machine learning on ancillary take-up – how are the airlines doing this already faring?
  • What are the effective new ways to engage with customer inflight & for travel retail sales?
  • How can airlines and retailers get ready for the Metaverse, and begin running experiments in it like many retail brands are beginning to?
  • Quick commerce – how have food delivery companies like Deliveroo and JustEat reshaped customer expectation on ecommerce fulfilment services and how can airlines take advantage of that?
  • With challenges created through GDPR and cookies many brands struggle to get in front of new consumers, but airlines are very well positioned to help with that so how do airlines better leverage that?

Inflight Retail, Connectivity & Service:

  • Are the days of inflight retail products being sold onboard truly over now, and are the relationships in place now to sell all products through digital platforms and collect at the airport or send straight to homes?
  • Will economy passengers pay for the products that might be offered at the front of the plane, and if so what are the most appealing products to market towards them?
  • What opportunities does pre-ordering F&B create for airlines – many have been forced to do it through the pandemic, but does it create the opportunity to offer more choice and create new efficiencies too?
  • Statistics show there has been a big jump in wifi utilisation onboard since the pandemic began. Does this mean some form of connectivity is now essential for all airlines, and how can connectivity be better commercialised?
  • Could cabin crew now move more into destination related sales, and play a greater concierge role with passengers with time to kill and activities to plan?

Loyalty & Personalisation:  

  • The big loss of business traffic has taken the air out of the loyalty balloon. What will be the biggest change to loyalty programs brought by the pandemic?
  • Personalisation was to be enabled by frequent flyer programs. Then email messaging was supposed to enable it. Then online retail. What do you think is the biggest broken thing about personalization, and how do you fix that thing?
  • But yet when personalisation is done right, there’s no better feeling for the consumer. Who is doing this well in the industry, and what are the best examples beyond travel we could learn from?
  • The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, impacts anyone selling to a European consumer. How has your company overcome the challenges?
  • What are the secrets to effectively building out loyalty programmes that include partnerships with brands that passengers engage with in the everyday life daily?
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Wednesday 8th June 16:00 - 17:00

Workshop: Web3 in travel - Myths and reality of Blockchain and tokens for travel

Web3 may be just another buzzword, or it may signal a shift in technology, based on blockchain, that will support new business models in travel and the rest of the world.

If you think of the introduction of the Web, a generation ago, it faced a similar reception, ranging from sceptics (“it will never catch on”) to idealists (“it will revolutionize travel”). Today, searching for travel destinations and options, tracking flights or sharing trip reviews, for example, is all powered by the Web. We can all agree that the Web has changed the travel experience.

What about Web3? Will it change the travel experience and how? The first use cases look promising. How will NFTs change our consumption of travel, from loyalty to ticket exchange? How will decentralized travel marketplaces change our access to travel content? How will cryptocurrencies change the way and cost of paying for travel?

This workshop will explore concrete case studies to separate the myths from the future reality of blockchain in travel.


Led by
Eric Leopold

Founder and Managing Director

Threedot & former Director of Industry Strategy, IATA

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Wednesday 8th June 17:00 - 17:30

Futurist Keynote

Rohit Talwar


Fast Future

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Wednesday 8th June 17:30 - 19:00

Networking Reception & FTE/APEX Awards Ceremony

Make the most of the vital networking opportunities provided at the FTE Dublin Networking Reception, where delegates can enjoy demonstrations in the exhibition and network with their peers over drinks before our Awards ceremony.

It has been a time of real transformation across the sector and we want to honour and recognise those efforts in Dublin. On the FTE side we are delighted to have revealed the FTE Airline & Airport Transformation Power Lists EMEA 2022 to shine a light on those who are pioneering new approaches that have the potential to improve travel for passengers and make the industry safer, more efficient and commercially successful. Six of the 20 nominees will be awarded with an “Outstanding Achievement” trophy during an official awards ceremony which will provide the perfect opportunity for us to announce and honour our nominees and winners, amongst industry friends and colleagues. In addition 15 airlines and 15 airports have also been shortlisted for FTE World Ancillary & FTE World Airport Retailing Awards 2022, with one in each category being honoured as the best of 2022 at the ceremony also. Following voting by attendees we will also announce the winner of the FTE Startup Innovation Award.

Following that the APEX Passenger Choice Award Winners ceremony will take place recognising airlines from every corner of the world for their outstanding CX efforts as voted for across 1.2 million flights through TripIt.

Sponsored by:

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Thursday 9th June - Day 3

Thursday 9th June 09:00 - 09:30

Opening Keynote – Option 1

Urban Air Port develops vertiports for future air mobility and recently outlined a commercial model with a dedicated e-commerce platform for its passengers in partnerships with six major retail & F&B brands to diversify income streams and unlock the market for more sites worldwide. How paramount will commercial endeavours be to the viability of eVTOL operators in the future, and what can air transport stakeholders learn from these approaches being fostered by the next generation of mobility providers?
Keith Hunter

Chief Retail Officer

Urban-Air Port & Former SVP of Qatar Duty Free

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Thursday 9th June 09:00 - 09:30

Opening Keynote – Option 2

SAS is now making the largest move within Digital & IT in the history of the company, and has the ambition to lead the way for the industry into the future and create a seamless travel experience for passengers, so what does that transformation actually look like and how will it be achieved?
Charlotte Svensson



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Thursday 9th June 09:30 - 10:30

Successfully establishing and developing digital marketplaces

Ancillary & World Airport Retailing Joint Session

Format: After a series of scene-setting presentations, the session will become a fast-moving panel discussion.

Daniel Coleman

Founder & CEO

Future Travel Experience

AirAsia is transitioning into a digital travel and lifestyle company and revolutionising its commercial activities along the way. So, what has it learned so far, and what recommendations does it have for others looking to hugely scale up their e-commerce efforts?
Ben-Jie Lim

Head of e-Commerce


It has long been believed that a more collaborative approach between airlines, airports, retailers, brands and technology providers could create more revenues for all and now Fraport, Lufthansa and Miles & More are formally collaborating to create differentiation and deliver promising retail potential. How will this effort work in practice, and what are the expected outcomes?
Benjamin Ritschel

Vice President Digital Strategy & Core Services


Richard Hill

VP Growth, EMEA / APAC


Wassim Saadé

Founder & CEO


Jeff Livney

Chief Experience Officer


Keith Hunter

Chief Retail Officer

Urban-Air Port & Former SVP of Qatar Duty Free

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Thursday 9th June 09:30 - 10:30

The FTE Lounge Innovation Summit – Leaders Panel

Alternative Session Choice

Dr. Joe Leader



The role of airport lounges in dialing up passenger safety in the future
Grainne Morrison

SVP North America

daa International

Tom Mano

Vice President, Products & Services Planning

All Nippon Airways

Errol McGlothan

Managing Director EMEA & APAC

Airport Dimensions 

  • As passenger demographics evolve and more travel is focused around leisure, how should lounge propositions evolve?
  • Are pod style or new lounge propositions likely to prove far more appealing to the growth areas of leisure, cost conscious or generation Y travellers?
  • With all airlines and airports carefully considering costs, is there a big opportunity for airlines to pool lounges or outsource operations to third party providers?
  • By utilising innovative new approaches, can lounges move from being cost centres to profit centres?
  • Can lounges become more multi-purpose with new technologies, for instance transitioning from dedicated airline lounge in the morning to an invite-only sponsored showroom space in the afternoon, before turning back into a shared lounge in the evening?
  • Credit card companies are setting up more and more lounge operations at the airport – what opportunities could this create for the industry?
  • What more could be done to effectively sell additional services and products to passengers in lounges?
  • How could new approaches to advertising, and product placement, within lounges be leveraged to drive better margins for lounge operators?
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10:30 - 11:30

Coffee and networking in the exhibition hall

Thursday 9th June 11:30 - 13:00

Dynamic retailing, distribution, personalisation and pricing strategies


Following a series of case studies the speakers will discuss their experiences, and suggestions, around the session topic at hand.

Moderator’s presentation:
The Future of Airline Digital Retailing
Iztok Franko



How is Aeromexico evolving is dynamic retailing efforts to maximum revenues?
Andres Castañeda

Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Experience Officer


Retail first, digital first, real-time – transforming airline pricing
Conor O'Sullivan

Chief Product Officer


How did Air Europa and TravelX launch the world’s first NFT flight and what are the learnings so far?
Alejandro Nardi

Co-founder & CPO


Bernardo Botella

Position Global Sales Director

Air Europa

Additional Panelists:
Dave O'Donovan

Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO)

Aer Lingus

Eric Leopold

Founder and Managing Director

Threedot & former Director of Industry Strategy, IATA

Questions to consider:
  • How can airlines use technology to boost traditional ancillary sales – baggage, seats, etc?  
  • How can airlines use mobile to extend the engagement window with their customers?  
  • How can airlines promote and deliver last-minute ancillary upsells that are personalised and timely?  
  • In the age of GDPR, how can airlines deliver truly personalised offers to customers after the ticket has been booked?
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13:00 - 14:15

Lunch and networking in the exhibition hall

Thursday 9th June 13:15 - 13:45

Innovation Pitch Sessions

Thursday 9th June 14:15 - 15:45

Co-Creation Workshop: What makes for great airline retailing?

FTE aims to be an industry change catalyst and we are making every effort to facilitate actual industry collaboration and idea sharing at the show, as opposed to just discussing the need for it. This interactive session will provide a discussion platform for various stakeholders to discuss how they look at airline retailing and how the sector can work in new ways, and collaborate effectively, to help take their airline retailing efforts to the next level. Led by our industry expert facilitator delegates will exchange thoughts, ideas, frustrations and potential ways forward.

Led by
Iztok Franko



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Thursday 9th June 14:15 - 14:30

Special Presentation

Using existing data to improve the revenue of each flight
Niels Colemont

Head of New Optimization Programs


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Thursday 9th June 14:30 - 15:45

Seizing the opportunity for revolution in the food & beverage space

Ancillary & World Airport Retailing Joint Session


After a scene-setting presentation the session will become a fast-moving panel discussion.

Marta Dimitrova

Editor & FTE Hub Community Manager

Future Travel Experience

Collaborative new approaches that can take F&B offerings to greater heights
Aileen Dowd

Business Development Manager for Food & Beverage

Dublin Airport

Erwin Hoogzaad

Marketing Operations Lead


Rob Hogema

Manager Global Sales Projects - Travel & Catering

Just Eat Takeaway

Jeff Livney

Chief Experience Officer


  • Is the time now right to stop serving hot food on short-haul flights to reduce costs and complexity, and instead have airlines, airports, concessionaires and caterers provide more choice of food at the gate and upon arrival, and share the new profits created?
  • Could dark kitchens be the future of F&B at airports?
  • Many network carriers need to now deliver 5* catering at the front of the plane at a far lower cost. What new challenges and opportunities do new passenger expectations create for the sector?
  • What opportunities does food pre-ordering create?
  • Many airlines and airports have been teaming up with B2C food delivery disruptors and working with airport concessionaires and handlers to facilitate more pre-order options to passengers – what are the key lessons learned on getting this right?
  • Is delivery of catering to the gate viable even if delivery robots are used, or is a central pick-up point in the terminal the most successful strategy?
  • Will economy passengers pay for the products that might be offered at the front of the plane, and if so what are the most appealing products to market to them?
  • How can technology like machine learning and AI help airlines plan far more effectively how they stock their aircraft with food and drinks?
  • Is more F&B choice onboard a winning formula to drive spend and margins?
  • Grab & Go food at the airport is a big opportunity for growth, but the quality of offering needs to improve and still be at a fair price, but how do we achieve that balance?
  • How can F&B be more connected to the retail experience so that when passengers are dwelling in F&B spaces or lounges, we can service other consumer needs?
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15:45 - 16:15

Coffee and networking in the exhibition hall 

Thursday 9th June 16:15 - 17:15

Closing Keynote Session – Leaders Panel (Open to all participants)

Dina Ben Tal Ganancia


EL AL Israel Airlines

Robert Carey


Wizz Air

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Thursday 9th June 20:00 - 23:00

FTE EMEA/Ancillary/World Airport Retail Closing Party at the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar

Following an incredible two days of learning, networking and inspiration, FTE EMEA/Ancillary/World Airport Retailing builds towards an exciting, fun-filled crescendo through our unique closing social event. The night will showcase world-famous Irish hospitality, music, drink and craic, and will undoubtedly live long in the memory, and help forge new relationships and business prospects, for all. Taking place at the new Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse, firstly you will explore the story of Guinness across the seven floors of this iconic building, before taking in the 360-degree views of Dublin city from Gravity Bar – the best rooftop bar in Ireland.

Sponsored by:

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Why be part of FTE Ancillary & Retailing?

Exhibitor & Delegate Testimonials

“I think it’s a great event and it’s just a great platform to discover lots of different ideas out there. We as an airline can take advantage of some of these ideas and work together with our partners to bring some of them to life.”

Robert Carey, President, Wizz Air

“Ancillary growth is imperative for all airlines, and digital is the great enabler to achieving that. However, many new collaborations must be forged between stakeholders to deliver the passenger the right offer at the right moment to enhance customer experiences and increase profitability at every stage of the passenger journey, whether that be through a mobile device or an IFE screen. FTE is working hard, and creatively, to bring those stakeholders together to learn best practice and forge new partnerships, and I am pleased to support their efforts.”

Juha Jarvinen, CCO, Virgin Atlantic

“The event will give us an insight on where we stand, how Covid has changed certain frameworks and should give us food for thought of how to handle the challenges in the future of the retail and F&B world. Come and join the FTE Event in Dublin and be inspired.”

Philipp Ahrens, Senior Vice President Center Management, Vienna Airport

“I think the event has been very easy-going and a very warm atmosphere so it has been very easy to connect with everybody here. The programme has been very well structured with a good mix of presentations, but also I had some time to look at the expo and meet with people. The Gala Evening was very impressive. We are also very grateful for the Ancillary Award that goes to my team.”

Tiina Tissari, Vice President, Customer Experience and Products, Finnair

There is so much we need to understand now about what the future consumer and airport ecosystem looks like, and FTE Ancillary & Retailing is the perfect forum to bring all stakeholders together at this key moment of the recovery to reimagine how we innovate, and collaborate, for the benefit of our passengers, and our businesses.”

Jayne Wear, Head of Commercial Products & Transport, Auckland Airport

“Epic. We’ve got 13 solid leads from big airlines. The networking tool is awesome. We do a lot of trade shows and I have to say the 1-2-1 networking tool has made a big difference.”

Al Tredinnick, Business Development Manager, 15below

“It has been a great event. The diverse range of exhibitors is also nice to see, including the start-ups and disruptors, which provide food for thought as to how the industry is evolving. The networking is excellent – it has been good to catch up with people I have met through previous FTE events and also meet many new contacts. I have attended for many years and always found it among the most interesting and relevant events for what I do.”

Chris Annetts, Chief Strategy Officer, Heathrow

“This is my first time attending an FTE event. The difference between this event and other events is the quality of people. The meetings we have had over the last few days have all been with decision-makers with buying power – for us, that is what makes the difference.”

Robert Ardino, Vice President, Blue Ribbon Bags

“We’re very happy. It’s been one of the best shows for us so far as it’s been very focused. We had a lot of meetings set up before the show and I think we’ve had more than 20 airline meetings, and we’ve received very good feedback.”

Diego Cachero Rodriguez, CEO, 3D SeatMapVR

“It’s been amazing. The social events have been amazing. People have brought some good energy. We’ve seen a lot of interesting exhibitors here as well, which is really promising for us as an ancillary aggregator. We’ve been engaging with interest from the airlines, but also looking at innovations here and how we can potentially adopt them into what we are offering airlines. It’s certainly been worthwhile and is an event we’ll continue to attend in the future.”

Heinrich Brand, Co-founder & COO, Hepstar

“We’ve had a lot of activity at our booth, which means we can engage very well with lots of airlines who are interested in what we want to talk about. The event has been a great networking opportunity – we’ve met lots of people and had lots of discussions. There are many events in the calendar and we have to focus on the ones that matter – this one definitely makes sense because there’s an ancillary track and that’s a key part of our portfolio, so we’ll definitely be back.”

Dominic Matthews, Sales Director, FLYR Labs

“We’ve had two great days meeting industry colleagues and peers and of course lots of airlines from all over Europe, as well as the Americas. So, it’s been really valuable and great to be meeting our airline colleagues in person. There have been lots of great sessions and lots of great insights from airlines as well on their recovery and how they’re using digital, and the investment in digital retail, to really amplify their recovery now as we’re post-COVID.”

Kathrina Gallogly, Director of Marketing, Datalex

“The opportunities to connect and network with people here at FTE Dublin have been incredible – there are so many opportunities, not just walking around the exhibition hall, but also in the evenings at the social events. Those opportunities to forge new relationships and reacquaint with old contacts have been incredible. This is certainly an event that we will come back to and we’ll also look at the other FTE events around the world.”

Ed Thorne, Global Marketing Director, Airport Dimensions

“It was brilliant to attend FTE Dublin. It was a pleasure to meet many contacts – it was very beneficial for me. The conferences were very interesting and definitely addressed the right topics. The exhibition has also been amazing – it’s been interesting to meet with the start-ups. The networking has been brilliant and the venues for the social events were very nice, especially for people visiting Dublin for the first time. The networking is the most important thing about the event. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to FTE Dublin next year.”

Nicol Seifertová, e-Commerce Manager, Prague Airport

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