We simplify travel by taking care of border crossing administration. We deliver peace of mind to travellers, whilst creating revenues for travel vendors.

Our core business is about helping travellers to understand border crossing requirements and processing Electronic visas (eVisas) and travel authorizations (eTAs) on their behalf. Electronic Entry Requirements (EERs) – are the fastest growing travel requirements globally. With the coming live of the Schengen Area (Europe) ETA in 2023, 100 countries will require ERRs, including the USA, Japan, Turkey, etc.

This new and rapidly evolving reality of international travel leaves many passengers unaware of additional travel documents they need, until they are denied boarding at the gate.

SimpleVisa’s integrations make it easy for to notify their customers of the required travel requirements and guide them through a friction-less application experience as an ancillary service.

What makes your products / services stand out?

Key benefits SimpleVisa delivers to airlines :

  • Avoid denied boarding and/or custom fines caused by passengers not having processed the required eVisas and ETAs prior to travel, and avoid related crisis situations and queues at airport check-in & boarding counters
  • Making cross border travel as simple as domestic travel
  • Help airlines deepen relationships with travelers in providing value and support to issues closely related to the trip
  • Create a healthy ancillary revenue stream with minimal effort

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

Spread the word about the growth of eVisas & ETAs, and how it creates an opportunity for airlines to deepen the relationships with its customers, while creating additional revenues

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

Come and meet us to:

  • learn about the staggering growth of eVisas across the world
  • experience live how SimpleVisa helps passengers processing their eVisa
  • understand how we create value and revenue in the process
  • appreciate how easily our solution integrates in a travel booking and/or post booking flow