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FTE EMEA 11-13 June 2O24, Dublin

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Tao Climate

We offer scalable, verifiable Carbon Credits (CCs) to the European aviation sector. Our technology enables the creation and verification of CCs and their real-time sale through channel partners. When you’re buying a plane ticket, offset your flight’s carbon emissions with us: cheaper, faster and better than legacy products. Carbon captured is sequestered in sustainable housing, so we share the value back with our customers. We turn carbon compliance from a sunk cost to a revenue generator.

Tao Climate’s vision is a sustainable future for everyone, free of the threat of climate change, using our technology to capture CO2 with industrial hemp, and delivering sustainable infrastructure and opportunities at a global scale.

What are your objectives at the event?

The climate crisis is accelerating and EU compliance requirements around carbon emissions are starting to hit European airlines. We want everyone to know about our three innovative products, designed to revolutionise sustainability in the aviation industry. Leveraging our cutting-edge FinTech platform, we introduce Tao Ops, Tao CX, and Tao SAF, each tailored to meet the unique environmental challenges of aviation.

Tao Ops: A comprehensive tool utilising AI to offer operational carbon compliance, enabling airlines to accurately measure, manage, and report their carbon footprint while providing actionable reduction strategies and seamless carbon credit integration.

Tao CX: Enhance passenger engagement with our platform that integrates real-time carbon credit sales directly into the airline ticketing process, offering a unique opportunity for passengers to offset their flight emissions instantly, enhancing customer experience and generating shared revenue for our airline partners.

Tao SAF: Revolutionising the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) feedstock, our platform ensures the scalable delivery of hemp-based SAF. Hemp is the most sustainable feedstock for SAF, and doesn’t displace food production. With rigorous carbon data measurement, our solution guarantees the integrity and verification of SAF supply, partnering with airports and fuel providers to facilitate a sustainable fuel transition.

What can visitors expect to see at your stand?

Visitors to the Tao Climate stand at FTE Dublin can expect an interactive and enlightening experience showcasing the revolutionary Tao CX product, with hempcrete demonstrations and a star guest! Dublin is Tao Climate’s home town, so we’ll be on hand to show our guests around Dublin’s fair city! Our stand will feature live demonstrations of the Tao CX platform, allowing visitors to see firsthand how easily it integrates with airline booking systems to offer real-time carbon offset options. Experts will be on hand to discuss the operational benefits and sustainability impacts of Tao CX, including detailed case studies from customers currently using the system. Attendees will have the opportunity to simulate booking experiences and view the seamless process of calculating and offsetting carbon emissions during flight bookings. Additionally, we’ll offer insights into our development process, discuss our collaboration with environmental groups and airline partners, and explore future enhancements planned for Tao CX. Join us to learn how Tao Climate is pioneering sustainable travel solutions and how your organization can be part of this green revolution.

Are you launching any new products or services at the event? Or will you be conducting any demonstrations? If so, please provide details.

We’ll be launching our Tao CX product at the show.

Tao CX: Enhance passenger engagement with our platform that integrates real-time carbon credit sales directly into the airline ticketing process.