State-of-the-art ‘Smart Access’ boarding system at Stansted

Stansted Airport's new ‘Smart Access’ systems
Stansted Airport has invested £1.2 million in its new ‘Smart Access’ system, which will automatically scan boarding passes as part of an airport-wide drive to enhance the passenger experience.

London-Stansted Airport is to implement its new ‘Smart Access’ boarding pass scanners from 22 April. The touch-responsive system, which works in a similar way to the Oyster card system in use at London Underground stations, scans boarding passes and verifies that passengers are in possession of passes with the correct flight number and date.

The automated facility is the latest in a series of initiatives brought about as part of the airport’s plan to enhance the passenger experience, and will replace the manual boarding pass checks currently in place for passengers flying from the airport.

Stansted, which was recently acquired for £1.5 billion by Manchester Airports Group, has invested £1.2 million in the new system, which was designed and manufactured by MacDonald Humfrey, an industry leader in airport systems.

“The introduction of the new ‘Smart Access’ system will make it quicker and simpler for passengers to reach the departure lounge,” said Neil Banks, Stansted Airport’s Terminal Manager. “The innovation is the first part of some really exciting changes planned across the airport, part of which involves developing a fantastic new and improved departure lounge for our passengers to enjoy. Stansted is already one of the most efficient and easy to use airport terminals but we want to make it even better and create a great airport experience for the thousands of passengers travelling through every day.”

Passengers with reduced mobility will be able to use a dedicated entrance, while child buggies can pass through the wider gates available at each entry point. Airport staff will also be on hand to help guide passengers through the new automated process.



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