FTE Ancillary Conference

The Future Travel Experience Ancillary Conference will help airlines, airports and their partners understand how they can tap into the power of digital to boost ancillary revenues. A selection of the most forward-thinking low-cost carriers, full-service airlines, airport operators, technology companies, destination partners and vendors will share their future plans and visions, covering a raft of the most pertinent topics in the fields of ancillary revenue, retailing and merchandising. Attendees will receive inspiration on how they can optimise their ancillary strategies at every step of the passenger journey – Booking, Pre-Travel, Airport, Inflight, Arrival and Post-Travel.

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FTE Ancillary Conference
FTE Ancillary Conference
FTE Ancillary Conference
FTE Ancillary Conference
FTE Ancillary Conference

FTE APEX Commercialising IFEC Summit

In addition to our established conference track on ancillary and to better reflect the integration efforts underway between FTE & APEX, we are delighted to announce that attendees in Dublin will also be able to enjoy this new conference track to deepen their understanding of how they can advance their commercial offer in the inflight space.

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This conference was held in 2019

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - Day 1

Tuesday 18th June 09:30 - 17:00

FTE Innovation & Startup Hub Live (members only)

The FTE Innovation & Startup Hub is the industry’s only network designed for the organisations and individuals who are at the forefront of innovation in the air transport sector. It has been developed to make it as easy as possible for corporate innovators and startups in the air transport sector to engage in meaningful discussions and lay the foundations for future collaboration. The members-only FTE Innovation & Startup Hub Live Day is the platform by which we will facilitate face-to-face engagement between our Corporate Partners and startup/scaleup members. Interested in joining? Find out more here.

Tuesday 18th June 12:30 - 17:30

Istanbul Airport tours (led by İGA)

Headline Partners İGA will facilitate guided tours of the ground-breaking new airport for premium delegates. Istanbul Airport, which opened in October 2018, has been constructed over an area of 76.5 million square metres to the north of Istanbul, 35km from the city centre. The construction is being carried out in four phases and once complete, the new airport will host flights to more than 300 destinations with an annual passenger capacity of up to 200 million. 

Wednesday 19th June - Day 2

08:45 - 08:45
Official EXPO opening

Wednesday 19th June 09:15 - 10:30

Joint Keynote Session

Welcome Address

Daniel Coleman

Future Travel Experience

Paul Hogan

Event Director
The New Airport Show Istanbul

Joe Leader



How to become a digital powerhouse in today’s mobile-first world – lessons from an e-commerce giant

Paul Armstrong

Enterprise Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services

Keynote Address

Exclusive unveiling of “Air Transport 2035” – a unique FTE/Fast Future Crowdsourced Think Tank

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist who has captivated past FTE audiences with his cutting edge insights on the future of the sector.

In partnership with Fast Future, we have launched “Air Transport 2035” – a new Think Tank exploring the different possible scenarios and strategies that could emerge for the sector. 

In this, our latest and most ambitious Think Tank project yet, we will invite our entire ecosystem to contribute their thoughts on the key drivers of change and potential scenarios for the industry, and help shape a portfolio of Industry Blueprints. These will outline scenarios of what the air transport industry around the globe could look like in 2035, the winning strategies required by players of different scale in major markets, and how all stakeholders should prepare themselves to thrive within it. Ahead of FTE EMEA & FTE Ancillary 2019, we will survey the industry and our Advisory Board members on these issues, and use this input as the foundation for the keynote presentation from renowned futurist Rohit Talwar.

Wednesday 19th June 11:00 - 11:30

Insight and inspiration from the FTE Ancillary Advisory Board

First Working Session


Sinead Finn


Members of the FTE Ancillary Advisory Board will take to the stage to participate in a scene-setting panel discussion. Is it realistic for airlines to become fully-fledged retailers? Are they ready to take the plunge? What are the secrets to great personalisation? How crippling is GDPR to these ambitions? What’s holding them back? Should airlines be focusing on being better at traditional ancillary sales like baggage or is there real opportunity in new revenue streams? These questions, and more, will be at the heart of the discussion.

Onsite Advisory Board Panellists

Juha Jarvinen

EVP Commercial
Virgin Atlantic Airways and President of the Board of Directors, APEX

Mariana Fonseca Medina

Director of Ancillary & Merchandising Strategy
American Airlines

Apple Ignacio

Director, Ancillaries
Cebu Pacific Air

Chris Annetts

Expansion Commercial Director

Wednesday 19th June 11:30 - 12:30

The Future of Distribution – how can airlines maximise revenues through direct and indirect channels?

Second Working Session


Simon Lamkin

Chief Executive Officer
LamTech Solutions & former CIO of Brussels Airlines


Marcus Motzkuhn

Manager Digital Distribution & Solutions

M. Osama Sheikh

Project Manager – Technology & Innovation
Pakistan International Airlines

Lisa Bovio

Chief Commercial Officer

Brett Dyason

Co-Founder & CEO

Questions to consider

  • What difference will NDC really make to airlines and what will come next?
  • What do airlines and hotel groups want the role of GDSs to look like in the future?
  • What more can be done to solve the disparity in how airlines distribute and optimise their content across various channels?
  • Is there a willingness among airlines and hotel groups to make the most of the indirect distribution potential?
  • What role might tech giants like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, etc play in the airline distribution space?
  • What role, if any, will blockchain play in airline distribution in the future?
Wednesday 19th June 13:30 - 13:45

Special Presentation - Inspiration from the FTE Ancillary Advisory Board

A 15-minute case study from an Ancillary Advisory Board member, providing insight into how their airline is leveraging digital and technological developments to increase ancillary revenues.

The future of e-commerce

Mariana Fonseca Medina

Director of Ancillary & Merchandising Strategy
American Airlines

Wednesday 19th June 13:45 - 14:30

The FTE Ancillary Startup Competition Pitch Session

Third Working Session


Sinead Finn



The 10 finalists in the FTE Ancillary 2019 Startup Competition will deliver elevator pitches on their unique capabilities to win votes from our audience who will decide our grand winner.

Wednesday 19th June 15:15 - 16:15

Boosting Post-Booking Ancillary Revenues During the “Golden Selling Window” – how can airlines boost traditional ancillary sales while tapping in to new revenue opportunities in the window between ticket booking and departure?

Fourth Working Session


Sinead Finn



Aeromexico is delivering consistent double-digit growth in ancillary revenues. How is the carrier leveraging digital channels to boost ancillaries through effective upselling?

Emilio Chacon Monsant

SVP Ancillary Revenues & Direct Sales

What are the challenges and opportunities for an LCC in selling ancillaries to Indian consumers and how is IndiGo creating opportunities within those limitations?

Niraj Batra

Associate Vice President- Ancillary Revenue, Business Development & Distribution

How is TUI taking advantage of its unique booking relationships with holidaymakers to drive ancillary sales through technology and innovation?

Katarina Hlavata

Senior Ancillaries Manager

Questions to consider:

  • How can airlines use technology to boost traditional ancillary sales – baggage, seats, etc?
  • How can airlines use mobile to extend the engagement window with their customers?
  • How important a role should mobile play in boosting revenues during the “golden selling window”?
  • How can airlines promote and deliver last-minute ancillary upsells when the passenger is at the airport?
  • In the age of GDPR, how can airlines deliver truly personalised offers to customers after the ticket has been booked?
Wednesday 19th June 17:00 - 17:50

Day 1 Closing Session for "Ancillary" and "Digital & Innovation" conferences


Sinead Finn



How is easyJet digitally optimising its proposition to meet the evolving needs of its passengers whilst creating new revenue opportunities?

Ben Robertson

Product Manager - Ancillary Revenue

Inspiration from the hospitality sector on how travel stakeholders can use data, video and tech to reach their customers in new and unexpected ways, using different canvases in digital to tell stories.

Matthew Elgie

Digital Director

Consumer retailing insights and trends that could affect Travel

Ravi Bagal

Head of Worldwide Business Development, Consumers and Retail
Amazon Web Services

Wednesday 19th June 17:50 - 18:00

FTE Ancillary Awards Ceremony

The 3rd Future Travel Experience Ancillary Awards will also take place in Istanbul and recognise the three most pioneering airlines in the world that have tapped into digital advancements to create new ancillary revenue streams across the passenger journey.

18:00 - 18:00
Conference Close

Wednesday 19th June 19:30 - 22:30

Gala Evening beside the Golden Horn

(Open to Premium Pass Holders Only)

“An evening beside the Golden Horn”

The Gala Evening hosted by Turkish Airlines, will be held at the Haliç Congress Center where delegates will enjoy the finest Turkish entertainment, dining and hospitality.

The Golden Horn, also known by its modern Turkish name Haliç, is the primary waterway between the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. The venue, is a statement of this modern mega-city’s regeneration, framing a spectacular waterfront of grand properties which are a symbol of Istanbul’s beauty and richness.

Thursday 20th June - Day 3

Thursday 20th June 09:00 - 09:30

Day 2 Joint Keynote Session


Changing the way one of the world’s largest airline groups creates end-to-end future products, services and experiences for more than 140 million guests

Guido Woska

Head of Passenger Experience Design (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian)
Lufthansa Group

Thursday 20th June 09:30 - 10:30

Boosting Revenues at 35,000 Feet – inflight retail & ancillary innovation case studies

Fifth Working Session

Special Presentation

Exclusive Thought Leadership Presentation: The future of personalisation – from onboard cameras to leveraging passenger data onboard

Joe Leader


Juha Jarvinen

EVP Commercial
Virgin Atlantic Airways and President of the Board of Directors, APEX


How has Finnair leveraged its inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) platform to increase ancillary revenues, and what does the carrier have planned next?

Tiina Tissari

VP Ancillary Business

Revenue Driven Innovations in IFEC – Pegasus & Immfly

Onur Dedekoylu

Senior Vice President - Marketing and e-commerce
Pegasus Airlines

Maria Cardenal

Ex-Vueling and actual Product & Digital Services Director at

Questions to consider

  • Can technology alone boost inflight revenues?
  • What role should flight attendants play in boosting onboard revenues and what support do they need to enable them to sell/upsell?
  • Does traditional inflight retail have a future?
  • How much scope is there for more creative inflight brand partnerships?
  • Is it realistic to expect IFEC to become a revenue generator rather than a cost centre?
Thursday 20th June 11:45 - 12:45

New Product and service approaches (Joint with Ancillary conference)(Joint with Up in the Air Conference)



Lauren Costello

Executive Director

Case studies

How is the product and service approach at Aer Lingus evolving as it works to become the leading value carrier across the North Atlantic?

Marc Giles

Head of Guest Experience
Aer Lingus

How is AtlasGlobal evolving its inflight proposition as its expands its network and adds wide-body aircraft to its fleet?

Abdullah Nergiz

Customer Experience Director

Thursday 20th June 14:00 - 15:00

The future of commercial activities on the airport (Joint with Ancillary conference)(Joint with Future Airports Conference)

Seventh Working Session


Paul Hogan

Event Director
The New Airport Show Istanbul


Update on the BARTA (Brand, Airline, Retailer, Technology, Airport) initiative, which was launched at FTE Ancillary 2017

This ground-breaking cooperation harnesses digital technology and forms new commercial relationships between all stakeholders to drive passenger spending both at the airport and onboard aircraft.

Mirko Fechner

Head Of Business Development
Budapest Airport

How future retail can be the game-changer for airports, airlines and independent lounge operators, and take customer experience and revenues to new heights

Andrea Boni

Founder, LoungeXperiences and former Vice President Marketing, Innovation and Business Development at Brussels Airlines

Michele Fuhs

Founder of Circle4x and former Head of Future Retail of BMW

15:00 - 15:00
Conference Close

Thursday 20th June 16:30 - 17:30

Istanbul Airport tours (led by Turkish Airlines)

Open to Premium Pass Holders Only

Turkish Airlines will lead guided tours of their new home, Istanbul Airport, which will change the experience of travelling with its advanced technologies and extraordinary capacity. Delegates will gain invaluable insights on the customer journey strategy, from self-service approaches through to the ground-breaking lounge.

2018 video highlights
2017 video highlights


Exhibitor & Delegate Testimonials

It’s always a great experience at the Future Travel Experience conferences. It is a very nice opportunity to meet my colleagues and continue the networking. There are always very impressive presentations from the speakers and always very well moderated. So, it’s been very helpful to better understand current issues.

Maria Cardenal, Product & Digital Services Director, Immfly"

“The first thing I like is that it’s forward leaning. I’m a digital innovation manager so for me it’s not always about today; it’s also about tomorrow and what will happen next so this event has been impressive for me. FTE is the only one that does this in a good way.”

Mats Berglind, Digital Innovation Manager, Swedavia

One of the areas that we are focusing on is the travel experience, so we are working with airports and airlines. One thing that is really good is that you have a lot of the aviation companies like airlines and airports. I also really like the 1-2-1 networking app.

Mikko Sjoblom, Business Development Executive, Digitalist

“I was particularly interested in the Digital & Innovation conference and it was very interesting to see what other companies do in terms of innovation.”

David Kasipovic, Innovation Department, Lufthansa

“It is my first time at FTE and I have had a very good experience. It is definitely different than other conferences. The Co-creation session was a great way to bring together people that didn’t know each other and we saw that after an hour and a half of brainstorming we could come up with an idea of a product that people like.”

Gilles Brentini, IT – Airport Innovation Manager, Geneva Airport

“What I really like about this event is that it is about reinventing the future together and you can really feel that everybody that has a role in creating this ecosystem is here, such as airlines, airports, and other companies. So, this really inspires me.”

Maïte Oonk, Research Coordinator, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

“The conference sessions have contained a lot of good information. The topics covered have been very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the keynote presentation. We have used the One-to-One Meeting System, which has been very useful. The networking opportunities have been excellent.”

William Racinne, Area Sales Manager, IER

“It has been a very interesting event. The subjects discussed in the conference sessions have been very well targeted. From a networking perspective, we have met some good new contacts. The exhibition features some interesting companies.”

Marianne Thomson, Customer Experience Manager, easyJet

“The event has been very good in terms of meeting the right airline and airport executives. I am working on the PASSME project, and there have been lots of relevant people to meet here at FTE Europe. The networking opportunities have been excellent.”

Peter Biesslich, Air Transport Operations and Infrastructures, German Aerospace Center

“The conference sessions have been really interesting. It is a good size show for networking and exchanging ideas with people. We have certainly been meeting the right people here. We have been using the One-to-One Meeting System, which has been a very useful initiative. The party at the Guinness Storehouse was, of course, good for networking. The exhibition has also been very interesting.”

Lara Münch, Manager Traffic Development & Sales, Aviation Marketing, Hamburg Airport

“For me, the event has been excellent. It is a very personal event and easy to connect with the right people. The conference topics have been very interesting, and there has been a very good level of interaction between the speakers and the audience.”

Ingvi Gudmundsson, Product Designer, Icelandair Digital Labs

“I am very satisfied. I came last year as well, and this time it was even better. It has been interesting to have the innovation sessions. The networking has been excellent, and I have spoken with several vendors in the exhibition.”

Naoya Shiratori, CS & Products Services, Products & Services Strategy, Assistant Manager, ANA All Nippon Airways

So, for us the exhibition was really great. It has been basically a day and a half of non-stop client interaction with people at the right level about our solutions. We had a lot of good leads from it and it’s been a very positive experience for us.

Ilya Gutlin, Member of the Board, Elenium

“Epic. We’ve got 13 solid leads from big airlines. The networking tool is awesome. We do a lot of trade shows and I have to say the 1-2-1 networking tool has made a big difference.”

Al Tredinnick, Business Development Manager, 15Below

We’re very happy. It’s been one of the best shows for us so far as it’s been very focused. We had a lot of meetings set up before the show and I think we’ve had more than 20 airline meetings, and we’ve received very good feedback.

Diego Cachero Rodriguez, CEO, 3D SeatMapVR

“It’s been a great show for us with lots of good meetings; the number of airlines here has been good for us. The app has been very efficient.”

Fitzhugh Patrick, Director, Business Development, Fusion & Mark Brown, VP Sales & Client Accounts, EMEA, Fusion

“We have a booth here and it has been a very good event for us the past two days. We have met a lot of airlines which we are targeting because of our product. Through FTE shows, we managed to secure partnerships with Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines and we really launched the business in that sense. The conferences here were really good.”

Janne Kyllönen, Founder, QuietOn

“It’s very good to have everybody together, to see the corporates and startups together. It's been valuable to attend.”

Tarvo Topolev, CSO & Co-founder, RebelRoam

“The show has been very good for us. It is a very personal event – the networking is fantastic, and people are very open to talk. It has been very busy for us, and we have had good time during the breaks to speak to visitors.”

Saba Rakhshandehroo, Design Research Lead, Samsonite

Co-located with FTE Ancillary

FTE ancillary logo

Over the last three years, we have established Future Travel Experience Ancillary as the event where the industry gathers to discuss the best ways to generate new digital revenue opportunities at every step of the journey. In 2020 the event returns to Dublin where we first established the show so successfully. Inspired by the latest digital developments, airlines are now thinking way beyond just selling flights and they are exploring a variety of inventive ways in which they can become fully-fledged retailers. This event provides an unrivalled platform for the industry to come together to forge all-important new alliances. Visit FTE Ancillary Website

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