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Through the recently created FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) that brings together the most innovative and progressive baggage supply chain companies, airlines, and airports from across the industry to provide a unique platform for cooperation and industry advancement we are driving a revolution in the future of baggage handling. This focus will also spill into our FTE shows and we have many exciting activities and sessions lined-up at FTE Global to show some of the most exciting innovations in this realm happening today as well as discussion on how we will evolve practices tomorrow, and long into the future. You can expect to hear from the likes of Southwest Airlines, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Lufthansa, NetTracer, Alaska Airlines, BAGTAG, Fraunhofer IML, BEUMER, Spirit, BagsID Network, KLM and many more pioneers in this space.

The agenda - Subject to change

Tuesday 6th September

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 6th September 14:00 - 16:00

FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group meeting at LAS Airport (members only)

The members-only in-person FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) meeting will be hosted by Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) at a meeting room at the airport. In addition to a special presentation from KLM the meeting will see members share their experiences, and learnings, from extensive baggage related pressure over the summer period. There will be discussions around the future of baggage information sharing, and the latest plans will be shared by members working on the next BIWG POCs relating to moving baggage between the US and Canada, leveraging computer visions technology, and testing of permanent bag tags by Airport Lab Network partners this Fall.
Membership is now free to airlines, so please contact us if you would like to enquire about joining.

Including a special presentation from:

Anique Kamphuis
Senior Product Owner Baggage Teams Business Platform Ground
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 6th September 16:00 - 18:00

TSA Briefing & Tours of the reimagined TSA Innovation Checkpoint (ICP) as part of the Advancing the Checkpoint Environment (ACE) initiative at LAS

Including the FTE Startup Idol ‘Digital Identity & Security’ pitch session

The TSA Innovation Task Force will lead guided tours and deliver a briefing to showcase the latest iteration of the future checkpoint site running at LAS, which is trialling new machines, and new approaches, to gather data and feedback on whether the technology is something TSA wants to use at airports nationwide. It will also share its future plans around the evolution of security processes.


  • Digital Signage
  • Automated Screening Lanes (ASL) integrated with Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray scanners
  • Credential Authentication Technology (CAT)
  • Increased roll out of UV-C sanitization technology on multiple lanes
  • Enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) Body Scanner
  • Customer Movement Analytics
  • Remote screening for the CTs on ICP


  • The ACE Checkpoint is a one-of-a-kind innovation checkpoint located in Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS).
  • TSA’s ITF is utilizing this site for side-by-side testing and evaluation of emerging security technologies from a variety of vendors in a live checkpoint environment.
  • The ICP enables ITF to assess the impact of innovative solutions on the ecosystem holistically, to ultimately inform requirements for future screening environments across TSA.
  • Several innovative technologies are now being demonstrated at the Innovation Checkpoint.
  • The checkpoint is the only one in the country with three ASLs, integrated with four CT scanners, allowing for uninterrupted movement of carry-on luggage though the screening process.

This gathering will also host the FTE Startup Idol ‘Digital Identity & Security’ pitch session, featuring five high-potential startup finalists.

Speaker Invited

Tuesday 6th September 20:00 - 21:30

Unofficial Mixer at Beerhaus Las Vegas

FTE Global is renowned for its ability to bring industry executives together in relaxed environments to reconnect with old friends, and make new ones, and we have chosen the Beerhaus – Las Vegas as our venue to facilitate interested delegates being able to come together (outside of our official social event schedule) to enjoy a few drinks upon arrival in Las Vegas on their own dime.  

The Beerhaus delivers a fresh take on the classic beer hall, where an artfully curated menu ensures both beer nerds and casual drinkers will find their favourites. It is located just next door to the Aria Resort in The Park between New York-New York and Park MGM. There are 28 craft beers on tap and entertainment options including Jenga and corn hole. Grab a cold drink, play some bar games and connect with old and new friends indoors, or on the outdoor patio. 

Wednesday 7th September

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 09:00 - 10:15

Opening Keynote Session

Welcome Addresses:

Daniel Coleman
Founder & CEO
Future Travel Experience
Dr. Joe Leader

Leadership insights

Inspirational Keynote:

The future of travel according to the man leading the charge in space exploration, automated aviation systems and modernising airline operations

Blue Origin’s John Couluris will deliver an outstanding Opening Keynote outlining his vision on the future of travel. As Vice President, Lunar Permanence, John leads an incredible team to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon, working to design and build multiple classes of landers, habitats and resource-utilising technologies to ensure we reach the Moon and stay there. Prior to Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, John made history leading SpaceX’s effort to fly the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. Experienced Chief Technology Officer aiding multiple airlines across the globe in modernising their operations, John currently leads the technology advancements for Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras as Chief Technology Officer and Advisor to the CEO. He is also the Founder and board member of Reliable Robotics, a VC-backed Silicon Valley startup focusing on advanced aircraft automation.

10:15 - 11:15
Official exhibition opening, coffee break and networking on the exhibition floor

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 11:35 - 12:45

Transformative approaches to industry collaboration that can reimagine the ways in which airports are developed, managed, leverage technology and realise potential


Panel Discussion


David Wilson
Managing Partner
daa International
Preston Peterson
Director of Customer Experience Innovation
American Airlines
Paul Puopolo
Executive Vice President of Innovation
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Melissa Conley
Executive Director of Capability Management and Innovation
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Dan Tanciar
Chief Innovation Officer


  • What are the new tangible examples we can take inspiration from of collaborative new approaches in the industry, and where are the next quick wins?
  • Is there an opportunity now for a radical rethink of what industry stakeholders are each responsible for delivering on the airport campus in order to facilitate travel that could create smarter operations and commercial advancement for all parties?
  • How might funding, operating and business models of airlines and airports likely change in the next 10-20 years, and how could that impact the strategies of industry stakeholders operating on the airport campus?
  • How might societal trends change in the next 10-20 years and how should that impact business, operations, commercial and facility development strategies?
  • How might technology evolve in the next 10-20 years and how should that impact facility development, commercial and operational strategies?
  • What does airside/landside look like in the future and how will security processes evolve?
  • Do we still need systems like AODB at the airport or is there now viable alternatives?
  • What new collaborations can be envisioned between existing industry stakeholders, and those operating in other sectors, that could further advance the industry?
  • How can we address the workforce challenges the industry faces, and is more automation the best answer?

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 12:45 - 14:45

Lunch and two-hour networking on the exhibition floor packed with exclusive launches and unveilings

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 14:45 - 15:00

FTE Exclusive - What is the future of flight, how is it powered and how is it paid for?

Brian Cobb
Chief Innovation Officer
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 15:00 - 16:00

The Airport Tech Leaders Conversation – what tech is worth the time and investment?


Marcus Session
Vice President Information Technology Services
Tampa International Airport & Chair of the ACI Innovation@Airports Working Group


The moderator will set the scene, and then each speaker will talk for three minutes from their seat on the technologies they are most excited about, and currently exploring. After everyone has voiced their opinion, the panel will share more details, learnings and potential use cases for the technologies being discussed.


Goutam Kundu
EVP & Chief Digital Strategy and Information Officer
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Bob Kwik
Global Head of Airports
Amazon Web Services
Rishma M. Khimji
Chief Information Technology Officer
Harry Reid International Airport
Haider Arif Hayat
Manager IT - Enterprise Info Architecture & Analytics
Hamad International Airport
Rakan Khaled
General Manager, Airport Systems
Collins Aerospace
Eduardo Valencia
Metropolitan Airports Commission

Technologies to be explored:

  • Web 3.0 & Metaverse
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones & Teleoperation
  • 5G & Private Networks
  • Digital Identity & Biometrics
  • Wearables, VR & AR
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Digital Twins
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Other new tech to watch

16:00 - 16:30
Coffee break & networking on the exhibition floor

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 16:30 - 17:30

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) POCs Briefing Session

The FTE BIWG will have its own dedicated booth at the show and between 16.30 and 17.30 on 7 September the FTE BIWG captains and the vendors involved in our latest POC efforts will be available to meet participants who want to learn more about the results from the recent trial of reclaim optimisation at YYZ, plus the latest plans will be shared by members working on the next BIWG POCs relating to moving baggage between the US and Canada, leveraging computer visions technology, and testing of permanent bag tags by Airport Lab Network partners this Fall.

The FTE BIWG captains are:

Jose Salamo
Associate Director, Baggage Services Terminal 1
Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Samuel Ingalls
Barich, Inc
Jason Odey
Director, Global Baggage Excellence
Air Canada
Idar Sørgjerd
Department Manager, BHS, Tech & Op. Excellence
Kevin Kleist
Senior Emerging Trends Advisor
Southwest Airlines

Darin Juby, Director Baggage Services at Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) succeeds Andrew Price as the new Head of Baggage Transformation at FTE after working with us as an FTE BIWG captain since the groups inception. Darin carries on with his work for GTAA whilst driving us forward too, but steps aside as a BIWG captain so he can focus all his energy with us to deliver on the missions of the BIWG, and to nurture and develop the membership base.

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 17:30 - 18:00

Day 1 Closing Keynote for all participants

Airline industry maverick John Thomas is returning to his regional roots with a new airline in the US – Connect Airlines – a carrier that boldly plans to not only bring turboprop planes back to the jet-dominated market, but also become the world’s first hydrogen-powered carrier and the first US-based zero-emission airline. What are his views on the future of travel, and how does he believe the industry should transform to truly deliver smarter travel to the passengers we serve, and our planet?

Speaker Invited

Wednesday 7th September 18:00 - 19:00

Networking Reception on the exhibition floor

Make the most of the vital networking opportunities provided at the FTE Global 2022 Networking Reception, where delegates can enjoy demonstrations in the exhibition and network with their peers, over a refreshing drinks and snacks. The Networking Reception will begin early so participants have more scope to network outside of the official event proceedings.

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Thursday 8th September

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 08:30 - 09:00

Keynote: Reinventing airport and airline business models – How next generation AI, cryptos, NFTs and metaverses can transform aviation economics

Rohit Talwar
Fast Future

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 09:00 - 10:15

Opportunities for revolution in baggage - loading, visualisation & tagging


Darin Juby
Head of Baggage Transformation, Future Travel Experience & Director Baggage Services
Greater Toronto Airports Authority


Following an update from the moderator on the latest progress from the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group on its POCs and focus areas, and a provocative scene setting presentation on how we can overcome current challenges, and open new opportunities across the baggage realm, the panel will share ideas and views around the following key topics:

  • Using robotics to modernise the loading of aircraft
  • Advancements in baggage visualisation to enhance planning and operations
  • The future of tagging 


Scene Setting Presentation:

How can the sector resolve the current global baggage crisis and revolutionise baggage performance in the future?

Marlon van der Meer


Eleonore Wenzl-Bery
Passenger & Baggage Processes
Lufthansa Group
Lars Mehrtens
Research Associate
Fraunhofer IML
Per Engelbrechtsen
Business Development Director
Beumer Group
Byron Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Kleist
Senior Emerging Trends Advisor
Southwest Airlines

10:15 - 11:00
Coffee break & networking on the exhibition floor

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 11:00 - 11:20

Independent Perspective Keynote

With Tom’s background not only in designing customer experience propositions but also operationally leading British Airways’ team of airport staff, cabin crew and call centre agents this session will explore the challenges facing the industry as new technology is designed, and how that is translated and operationalised into the end to end customer experience. Most airlines and airports face the conflict between technology and traditional frontline employees, where technology has quite often been seen as a way to drive efficiency into operations and reduce headcount. As we now reach this intersection where the worlds of digital and the human touch need to co-exist, this thought-provoking session will explore the challenges we face to embed new technology that enriches the human touch, allowing airlines and airports to differentiate when it comes to customer experience. In this session Tom will share his thoughts on the challenges, approaches for change management and his perspective on how technology will now be used to deliver even better service through frontline employees.

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 11:20 - 12:30

Innovation Case Studies & Learnings for airlines

Showcasing the art of the possible to enhance customer experiences, operational efficiency and business performance by airlines


A series of dynamic case studies before a fast-moving panel discussion to explore progressive new approaches.


Gary McDonald
President, Americas
Materna IPS USA Corp.

Learn how Spirit’s deployment of a domestic biometric solution on self-bag drop improved revenue generation and workforce optimization and how the implementation of automation on the ramp improved safety and operational efficiency.

Mike Byrom
Vice President, Airport Services
Spirit Airlines

As part of its enhanced focus on innovation Alaska Airlines recently pushed through on its efforts to deliver, and facilitate, electronic bag tags for its customers – a first in North America. What was the business case, and motivation, to get this done after years of exploration?

Jasper Quak
Managing Director
Gus Naughton
Senior Software Engineer, Emerging Technologies
Alaska Airlines

How is KLM now leveraging tehnologies like AI & ML now to address staff challenges, future growth demands and prioritising resources to maximise customer experience during peaks and even disruptions?

les Wuisman
Director – Integral Analytics KLM Operations

12:30 - 13:45
Lunch break and networking on the exhibition floor

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 13:45 - 14:10

Post-lunch Keynote for all conference delegates

What’s around the corner for aviation, and how do you know when is the right time for your organisation to make bold moves?

John Picard, Innovation Catalyst & Futurist

John is an architect-coder-entrepreneur-activist-futurist-father, an open-source human, a biological API … and an incurable optimist. He’s literally been living in the future since he built his first super-smart eco-home in California. Since then, he’s been designing for the future we all want to live in, from the City Center Hotel Las Vegas to Atlantic Station in ATL, via Grand Wailea in Maui, and even the White House.

John is forging tomorrow in Silicon Valley, coding architecture that is sensate, adaptive, regenerative, cost-effective and healthy. With John, everything converges on the future: people, places, spaces, software, hardware and Mother Earth in all her glory. He knows aviation well too, and is incredibly passionate about what the sector can go onto achieve now, and has many ideas on how we can get there.

In addition to his keynote address John has agreed to be our “Provocateur at Large” for the show to help us challenge the status quo and has been given the license to offer his opinions and pose challenging questions throughout the event, keep dialogue lively and help our attendees make breakthroughs and forge recommended practices during the event, which is our key mission – we cant wait for you to meet him.

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 14:30 - 15:30

Reimagining end-to-end customer and baggage journeys with new approaches powered by technology, design, collaboration and new service approaches


The moderator will set the scene, and then each speaker will talk for three minutes from their seat on how they are evolving their approaches to customer and baggage journeys. After everyone has voiced their opinion, the panel will share their ideas for the future around the following key topics:

  • How do we achieve inclusion for passengers of all types?
  • How can the industry make big CX strides during disruption?
  • What are the main challenges to delivering perfect passenger and baggage journeys and how do we overcome them?
  • How do we take more processes away from the airport in the future, and deliver more choice to the passengers on their day of travel?
  • What big changes can we expect to see inflight going forward?
  • What is the right balance for digital, and human assistance, going forward across different classes of passenger?


Michael Taylor
Managing Director of Travel, Hospitality, and Retail Intelligence
J.D. Power


Ed Baklor
Head of Customer Care and Programs
Tom Mano
Vice President, Products & Services Planning
All Nippon Airways
Megan Bozarth
Assistant Vice President of Customer Program Development
DFW International Airport
Julie Melnick
Founder & CEO
Kevin Kleist
Senior Emerging Trends Advisor
Southwest Airlines

15:30 - 16:15
Coffee break and networking on the exhibition floor

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 16:14 - 17:00

Future proofing strategies for airports and their partners – Leadership & Innovator Perspectives

Alternative Session Choice


T.J. Schulz
Airport Consultants Council


Justin Erbacci
Los Angeles World Airports
Nishant Rao
Economic Development Professional | Aviation & Aerospace Top 20 Under 40
Nieuport Aviation
Jesus Saenz
Director of Airports
City of San Antonio
Jimmy Hahn
SVP, Central Operations & Innovation
Kevin Shrier
President of the Americas

Topics to discuss:

  • What does the traveler of the future expect from their journey and how can we better serve them?
  • What are now the real catalysts for change and where are the opportunities for growth now?
  • How do we approach growing back in the long-term?
  • What is the right approach long-term for resourcing, training and attracting talent back to aviation?
  • How can we make big steps in the industry’s sustainability mission?
  • How do airports take non-aeronautical performance to the next level?
  • Despite extensive cost cutting efforts during the pandemic are there still opportunities to save money, and how far could automation efforts still go?
  • How reliant should industry stakeholders be on technology long-term, and should we all be aiming to become digital companies that just happen to operate in aviation?
  • How do stakeholders play their part in future mobility & seamless journey efforts?
  • What are the best ways to facilitate data sharing & new collaboration approaches?
  • What do airlines and passengers want going forward and how do airports facilitate that?

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 16:15 - 17:00

Insights into effective innovation approaches & the FTE Startup Idol final

Part 1: Insights into the most effective approaches to innovation from those at the forefront of innovation and working with startups


Presentations to help the audience understand the best methods, and collaborative approaches, to drive enhanced results and performance through innovation.


Ryan Ghee
Chief Operating Officer
Future Travel Experience

Successfully developing a culture of innovation – lessons learned from a unique ACRP research project, plus the unveiling of a brand-new innovation playbook for the airport industry

Justin Phy
President & Principal Consultant
Barich, Inc

Gerald R. Ford International Airport and Southwest Airlines amongst others have been doing exciting trials together in the areas of digital twins, autonomous mobility and drones through the Ford Launchpad for Innovative Technologies and Entrepreneurship (FLITE) initiative. What have been the key learnings from these trials, and what’s next?

Alex Peric
VP & Chief Operating Officer
Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority (GRR)
Kevin Kleist
Senior Emerging Trends Advisor
Southwest Airlines

Part 2: FTE Startup Idol – The Final Three

The grand final of the FTE Startup Idol competition, featuring pitches from the finalists of the three categories – Automation & Workforce; Digital Identity & Security; and Sustainability. The overall winner will be decided by an audience vote and the winner will be announced at the FTE Global Awards ceremony later in the day.

Judging Panel

Ryan Chou
Venture Investor
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Simon Dempsey
Plan3 and FTE’s ‘Mayor for Startups’
Rishma M. Khimji
Chief Information Technology Officer
Harry Reid International Airport

Panel Advisor:

Daniel McCoy
Chief Innovation Officer
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 17:30 - 18:30

Exhibition Wrap-up

New for 2022, the Exhibition Wrap-Up provides an ideal opportunity to spend some quality time on the show floor with a fun social twist thanks to our exhibitors who will be hosting drinks receptions, prize draw giveaways and unveilings.

Speaker Invited

Thursday 8th September 20:30 - 22:30

The FTE Global Networking Party & Awards Ceremony

This year’s Networking Party will take place outside at the Liquid Pool Lounge at the ARIA Resort. It is a unique location, and provides an unparalleled outdoor nightlife experience.

The ultimate in poolside opulence, Liquid Pool Lounge is defined by its distinctive contemporary ambiance and ultra VIP Service. Designed by Graft Lab, Liquid features a poolside bar, private restrooms, high-tech amenities, and 8 cabanas, offering prime seclusion within the already exclusive setting. The event will be this year’s premiere industry networking event, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and network with fellow attendees in a relaxed environment.

The FTE Global Networking Party will also provide the perfect location for the industry-leading FTE Global Awards, which will recognise outstanding achievements in the following categories – Airline Pioneer Awards; Airport Pioneer Awards; Startup Idol 2022; and Best Exhibitor Presence 2022.

Friday 9th September

Speaker Invited

Friday 9th September 10:00 - 11:00

Day 3 keynote session for all participants

Inspiration from the hospitality sector:

The MGM Resorts View on how physical digital convergence is transforming gaming and entertainment

Leadership insights

How is United Airlines advancing to become not only the best airline in the U.S., but also the best airline in the world?

11:00 - 11:30
Coffee break and networking in the lobby

Speaker Invited

Friday 9th September 11:30 - 13:00

The FTE Co-Creation Forums

We want FTE to be an industry change catalyst and we are making more efforts to facilitate actual industry collaboration at the show, as opposed to just discussing the need for it, which is why we are continuing to build the FTE Co-Creation Forum three years after its successful introduction. The session will provide a discussion platform for various stakeholders to discuss how they can collaborate in key areas to enhance the end-to-end passenger experience. Delegates will be able to choose which topic they would like to discuss and then join the relevant table to exchange thoughts, ideas, frustrations and potential ways forward.

There will be groups in different working zones, each with their own captain who will lead discussions on each table and help inspire outside-the-box thinking. At the start of the session, each delegate will join one of the discussion groups. They will then play an important role in forming ideas and conclusions within that group, which will be shared by the captains through the post-event report. The conclusions will also be passed to industry associations to help influence their next steps, so the good work can live beyond our time together in Vegas.

Topics to be tacked include:

How do you build a business case for entering the metaverse?

This workshop will facilitate a SWOT analysis of a variety of use cases for airport and airline Metaverse implementations. This will be the first of its kind for our industry looking at the following use cases:

  • Passenger focused
    • Next generation wayfinding – supersedes interactive maps – setup virtual waypoints for day of travel
    • Avatar based airport guide prior to travel
    • Aircraft seating options and experiences – up sell and cross sell options
    • Virtual airport lounges (airline, airport, third party) with prepurchase of dining or reserve seating
    • How to use technology: self-service device instruction
    • Gamification of airport experience – scavenger hunts for children and adults
    • AR/VR integration at home to airport onto aircraft
  • Airport NFT
    • Leverage the airport air program exhibits
    • Virtual marketplace for 3D Printed design NFTs
    • Information and document sharing (RFP, contracts, etc.)
  • Airline and airport staff
    • Training for SIDA and other certifications tailored for each airport
    • Orientation for new employees
    • Complements existing maintenance training tools
    • Digital Twin
  • Metaverse infrastructure supports digital twin development
    • Software and hardware advances are complementary
    • Gaming professionals provide pool of experts for aviation
Dave Wilson
Founder & CEO
The Airport Guy

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Learnings from a unique ACRP research project

Justin Phy
President & Principal Consultant
Barich, Inc

What tech will complement the human touch to deliver next-generation CX in travel?

What are the types of technology that will help customer service staff deliver the human touch in the future? How do we go about understanding the requirements, and how should change management work to support the utilisation of these softer technologies.

Tom Stevens
CX Pioneer & former Director of Brand and Customer Experience, British Airways
Friday 9th September 13:00
Conference close

Why attend FTE Global?

Don’t just take our word for it – read what FTE Global attendees have said about the show…

“My experience at FTE Global 2022 has been fabulous. It has been an excellent networking experience. We have connected with all levels of airports. People are very open to new and innovative ideas, so we are thrilled to be here. The number and quality of visitors to our booth has exceeded my expectations. I have sat in on many of the conference sessions – I thought the range of topics and content discussed was very well thought out, and the quality of the speakers was excellent.”

“Pati Flannery, Strategic Partnerships, North America, Ariadne Maps”

“It has been wonderful here at FTE Global 2022. We are a start-up with a very new technology and have found the response overwhelming, because the quality of attendees is exactly what we are looking for. We have made great contacts. This is probably the most unique way of us meeting a lot of people in a short period of time. The ability to meet people at a high level here, who are able to make purchasing decisions, is unrivalled. It is a great way of spending some of our marketing budget and getting a great return. We will definitely be back next year.”

“Finbarr Ring, Sales Director, Airware Solutions”

“It has been excellent. It is my first time attending FTE Global. We are really pleased with the conference sessions, the networking, and the exhibition floor. It was very good because I had airlines, vendors and consultancy groups visiting the booth, so I am very pleased. I made a lot of good contacts. The conference sessions I attended were very interesting. I definitely will come back to FTE Global – it has been very good for us.”

“Diego Ferrer, Senior Advisor, Falco Systems”

“FTE Global 2022 has been a very good experience. The quality of the attendees and conversations taking place are at a different level altogether. There is no sense of competition – the common theme in all of the conversations is how to collaborate, collectively share experiences, and transform the passenger experience. I see a lot of people being open and helping each other. This is a great networking opportunity in terms of making new connections and having meaningful conversations.”

“Amit Sukhija, Founder & CEO, ZestIOT Technologies Pvt. Ltd”

“The experience at FTE Global has been great. We have had quite a bit of traffic through our booth, which is good. The conference sessions have been quite lively, with lots of discussions. We like those discussions – weare not just listening, we are participating, which has been great. There has been more time for networking this year, which has been good. The number of visitors to our booth this year is a little bit higher than it was in past years. We have been attending FTE Global since the beginning, so we will be back again.”

“Mark Stokes, Business Unit Manager, Brock Solutions”

“I am a first-time attendee at FTE Global. Having the opportunity to walk the floor, meet all of the other exhibitors, and discuss how we can collaborate in the future has been really something that I enjoyed thoroughly. There has been a steady stream of visitors to our booth. The set-up is really good, being able to have everybody go through the exhibition in order to get to the conference rooms means there has been a very good flow and consistency to the exhibition. The overall networking opportunities are plentiful. There are lots of coffee breaks and opportunities for us to engage with other attendees. I have had phenomenal conversations after some of the breakout sessions. I will definitely attend FTE events in the future.”

“Ron Glickman, VP North America, Snowfall”

“This is my first time attending FTE Global. There are all sorts of technologies – we have the airlines, we have companies that are providing solutions for the airports, so this really is a great opportunity for us to learn about what is going on in the industry. We have had excellent discussions with people coming to our booth. We have had way more visitors than we were expecting. The networking at FTE Global has been excellent. I think this event is fantastic for the industry as a whole. I clearly see the value in attending – you learn in two days what would take you six months otherwise, because there is so much knowledge in this room right now.”

“Vishram Dalvi, Principal, Tech Business Development, Just Walk Out Technology By Amazon”

“This is my second year at FTE Global and the experience has been spectacular. The decision-makers have visited the booth to have conversations and it has just been a really good show. We have been busy for the entire two days. I think the important thing here is that the decision-makers attending the event are very high quality. One of the important things about the event is the networking opportunities – we have had good sessions during the evenings and also the coffee breaks, so the booth traffic has been fantastic. I have had the chance to attend a couple of the conference sessions – they are very well-positioned for what we are doing today, but even more importantly they are exploring what the future is bringing. We will definitely be back next year – the quality of attendees and prospects that we have is fantastic.”

“Jim Nation, Senior Account Manager, NEC”

“It has been an incredible experience here at FTE Global. Last year was my first time attending and it keeps getting better every year. The amount of contacts we have made, the networking opportunities, and the chance to interact with the industry is a valuable experience – the right people are all here at FTE Global. The conference content is incredible, as it was last year. The social events at FTE Global are wonderful. The quality of visitors to our booth has absolutely met my expectations. 1,000%, we will absolutely be looking to return in 2023 – hopefully bigger and better.”

“Jessie Hillenbrand, Senior Director, Federal Marketing, IDEMIA”

“I always enjoy coming to FTE Global. The number of visitors to our booth has been good. All of the key airlines, including American, Delta, Frontier and United plus others, have all come by, which is good. You do meet a lot of C-level executives at FTE Global and those are the people who need to get the products agreed within the organisation. One of the good things about this show is there is always a lot of interest from attendees on the technology – they actually all want to understand how it all works and how it all fits together, so it is a good event to show off technology.”

“Mike Sanderson, Director, ICM Airport Technics, Amadeus IT Group”

“My overall experience here at FTE Global has been fantastic. I think this is really the premier event for the year. It has been the most exciting, the most well-attended, and it has been all levels of management. I have sat in on several of the conference sessions, which have been wonderful, especially the panel discussions. I would love to come back to this event in the future – next year and every year.”

“Cathy Rich, Head of Airport Operations, Americas, Collins Aerospace”

“Overall, the experience being here at the show was very good. We are very satisfied with the results. The number and quality of people visiting our stand was good – they were the right people in terms of their responsibility roles and their airports. The networking opportunities and social events, especially during the coffee and lunch breaks, gave a lot of opportunity to get in touch with other exhibitors, visitors and participants in the conference. It has been the first time for us attending FTE Global and we are looking forward to attending again next year.”

“Christian Tischler, CFO, Sittig Technologies”

“ We have been at FTE for at least the past three or four years. I like events like this because you can catch up with people and chat to airports and airlines. For instance, I managed to talk to some interesting entities such as Frankfurt Airport, Delta Air Lines and Atlanta Airport, so this was very important to me.”

“Peter van der Lende, Business Development, The Americas & Europe, ICM”

“ We have had a fantastic show this year. It has been tremendous, especially in getting new customers interested in our solutions.”

“Robert Sikam, Portfolio Director, bagchain”

“ The show has been great for us. We met with a lot of existing customers, but also a lot of new customers. We have made some really exciting contacts and we are really happy with how the show is going. I think FTE is one of the few shows that really brings a lot of airports from the US but also globally in one place.”

“Marc Rauch, Managing Director, Xovis USA”

“ The participants who are here at the show are here to learn and that is what makes the show special. There is a lot of engagement. The meeting booking system was great and it worked really well for us and everybody showed up to the meetings.”

“Kasper Hounsgaard, Managing Partner, Copenhagen Optimization”

“ This has been a very good show. We attend every year, and this has been the best year so far. The other aspect is that you had the government representatives here, including TSA and CBP and that is very good for the North America/US market, because there isn’t normally interaction with these organisations.”

“Dan Joliet, Regional Sales Director, IER”

“ There have been so many people visiting our booth. It has been fantastic in the exhibition. This is one of the best shows, if not the best, that we attend. We are meeting all the right people from airports and airlines. It’s an awesome place to connect.”

“Daniel Vandevenne, Account Manager, Brock Solutions”

“ This is the show for the aviation market. Most of the key solution providers are here. The networking opportunities are fantastic – we’ve definitely been meeting the right people here.”

“E. DJ Lee, PhD, Director Global RFID Channel, Avery Dennison”

“ We have had many people visiting our stand. There has been big interest in our (aircraft) seats and what we can do for the passenger experience. We have certainly met the right people at our stand. It is our first time here, and the show has exceeded our expectations.”

“Andrea Giordano, R&D Manager, Optimares”

“ Everything has been great at FTE Global…The networking has been excellent, and it has been very busy for us in the exhibition.”

“Neilicia Howard, Account Director, SITA”

“ From an expo side of things, we’ve made some great connections, including new connections. It’s been a really good opportunity for us to see how things in the industry are going, how it is developing.”

“Greg Jones, Managing Director, Worldwide Hospitality & Travel, Microsoft”

“ The networking has been very good. There is a good quality of people here. It is my first time attending FTE Global and 80% of visitors to our stand have been interesting to us.”

“Manuel Aragones, CEO, Travel Compositor”

“ FTE Global has been great. We’ve had lots of people coming by the stand. We’re really interested in meeting airports, and the event has been very good for that. The show has met our expectations and we would come again.”

“Michael Moore, Director, Client Services, Aislelabs”

“ The show is amazing. We’ve been very busy, with lots of interest in our RFID solution. We’ve been meeting the people we were hoping to meet. There are very big opportunities here at the show and it’s nice to network with potential customers within the industry.”

“Borry Vrieling, Founder and Managing Director, eezeetags”

“ It has been busy – once again a great show. The event grows every year. FTE Global is a staple for us.”

“Brad Iverson, Vice President – Sales, Embross”

“ I’m getting to meet people I don’t normally meet at other trade shows. The quality of meetings we’ve had has been fantastic. The conference sessions I’ve been in have also been excellent.”

“Thomas B. Duffy, Managing Director, Gate Solutions, ADB Safegate”

“ We have certainly met the right people here. The quality of contacts we have met has been brilliant…it has been perfect for us really. ”

“Robin Springer, Product Manager, Global Product Management, Information Management Services, Collins Aerospace”

“ It’s the first time I’ve participated and the event has been excellent. There has been non-stop customer interaction and we have identified some very good leads. The event is even more interactive than I expected, and the networking and social aspects have been great.”

“Paul Nihill, Senior Account Manager Advanced Recognition Systems, NEC”

“ There has been a lot of traffic to our stand, which is what we were looking for. There is an appealing level of attendees – the right people. There are lots of buyers here, which is good.”

“Joey Pritikin, Founder and Co-CEO, Tascent”

“ We have got 8 to 10 solid leads. The people stopping by our stand are the right kind of people. I’ve been doing trade shows for 25 years and I can see that there’s a good mix of vendors here. The leads are for good potential customers. ”

“Keith Holt, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce”

“ It has been a great event. There has been good traffic in the exhibition, and we have made several good contacts. The networking opportunities are excellent.”

“Jeana Schneck, Key Account Manager Commercial Displays HE B2B Division, LG Electronics USA”

“My experience at FTE Global was great. I have talked to a lot of smart people and had a great time. The social events and networkingopportunities have been fantastic. I have had the opportunity to sit in on the conference sessions. The topics were really good – they are unique, but they are relevant to all travellers, especially digital identity which is on the cutting-edge of technology. The exhibition has a really good range of companies – you can come and see all travel has. Based on my experience this year, I will be back for sure, so I am looking forward to it.”

Yemi Oshinnaiye, CIO, Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

“My experience this year at FTE Global has been fantastic. It is my third consecutive time attending the event. The networking opportunities and social events have been terrific. The conference sessions have been fantastic as well. There are always interesting companies here in the exhibition hall – this year was certainly another success in that sense for me. I will absolutely be back at FTE Global again. I have been looking forward to this for the whole summer – it is really great to be here reconnecting. It has been fantastic, and I will certainly be back.”

Charles Duncan, President, Swoop

“As always, the networking opportunities have been fantastic. It has been really great to network with a lot of like-minded people. One of the things I love about FTE events is that we get people of a senior level from airlines, airports and vendors, so it has been great. It has been a really interesting exhibition – it is great to see a mix of well-established companies as well as start-ups, and also good to see a number of new launches. The conference sessions have been really interesting. I have been attending FTE Global for a number of years and am looking forward to going to LA next year.”

Chris Annetts, Chief Strategy Officer, Heathrow Airport

“I have been attending FTE Global for over a decade and it is just incredibly refreshing to be not only in a learning environment, but a relaxed environment where we are able to engage in very healthy, forward-looking conversations and really try to push the boundaries. FTE Global is not the usual mundane conference, so I am super-proud of what you are doing. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the number and quality of visitors to our booth. Of course, I will be back at FTE Global. It just never ceases to amaze me how much bigger and better the event becomes, and really that is the beauty of bringing airports, airlines and vendors together, along with regulators, so in an environment like that you can really never go wrong.”

Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

“The great thing for our team at FTE Global has been to try to understand what other people are doing and get great new ideas. I think United is doing more to innovate in more areas than any other airline in the world,but there’s still plenty of good ideas and innovation that’s happening outside and the opportunity to come to a place like FTE Global and learn what others are doing really helps get that creative engine firing and get more ideas. Our team wants to come back and share all the areas in which we are leading that sometimes people don’t know about – giving them the opportunity to come and show the pride that they have in that leadership role will be exciting.”

Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer, United Airlines

“My experience at FTE Global has been fantastic. It is a great showcase of all the latest technology. It is very exciting – I am sort of overwhelmed by how much technology there is here, you can’t consume it all. Congratulations on such a fabulous show.”

John Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Connect Airlines

“I always love coming to FTE Global – I have been coming for many years. It has always been the highlight of the year. It is really great to be in one place where everyone is thinking about how we can do things differently, think outside of the box, and work with all the different partners who are trying to help us to innovate. We are so excited and honoured to host FTE Global next year. We will throw a good party and provide Los Angeles-specific experiences, as well as making participants’ journey there pleasant and safe. We can’t wait till you’re all there next year.”

Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)

“This is my first time attending FTE Global and I have really enjoyed it. What I really like is it’s a great mix of not only our vendor partners, but also airlines and a good representation of international airports as well. It’s good to share information and network. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get away and be strategic for a couple of days.”

Mike Youngs, VP of Information Technology, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

“It is my first time attending FTE Global. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to tell the DFW digital twin story for the first time out in a public setting. It’s great to see what other airports are doing around this space – it’s going to take a village to transform this industry. It is this type of environment at FTE Global that allows us to exchange what worked, what didn’t work, and the new innovation and ideas that are coming together. We’re all going to leave this event better equipped for what we need to do for the mission.”

Shaun Klann, Head of Strategic Growth, Willow

“ As we work to drive traffic levels back up its important that we as an industry set an example on getting back on planes when we can and delivering excellent experiences, despite the increased regulatory complexity. Aviation will return to strong growth in the years to come, and we need to shape that future together – FTE Global is an invaluable industry trade show for the world, and I look forward to meeting many old, and new, friends at the wonderful Aria Resort in Las Vegas this December.”

Dr. Bjoern Becker, Head of Future Intercontinental Experience Program, Lufthansa

“ I have attended a number of FTE events over recent years, some as a delegate and others as a speaker. FTE Global in particular, always attracts a diverse mix of experts and professionals from across the world of aviation. What stands out against other conferences is the inclusion of hospitality, technologists and futurists who help delegates learn from other sectors, which enables a broader knowledge and understanding of what else we can do to promote the aviation sector. Networking opportunities and social events are always of the highest standard and allows old and new friends to come together in a relaxed and fun way.”

David Wilson, Chief Operations Officer, Oman Airports

“ I felt that at Future Travel Experience the past week the conference has been excellent to not only be able to have though-provoking aviation discussions, but also to collaborate and connect to other airports and leaders in aviation.”

Naashom Marx, Senior Manager Innovation, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International

“ FTE is one of my favourite conferences to go to. I like the fact that you bring in both airlines and airports, and the content is really different. I also enjoy that you bring in different speakers from other industries. I’m a future guy and this is a really good place to be. It’s fun because we’re all on the same page – we’re all looking for future technology.”

David Wilson, Director, Airport Innovation, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Port of Seattle

“ The networking opportunities are always fantastic at FTE Global. There has been a high level of interaction and engagement between delegates.”

Rick Belliotti, Director Innovation & Small Business Development, San Diego International Airport

“ FTE Global is a wonderful event. I have met representatives from many different modes of travel, and heard what people need to think about in the next decades. In terms of networking, the right players are here to have conversations with.”

Zachary Matthews, Senior Regional Manager, Business Development and Operations, US and Canada, Uber

“ I have particularly liked that the event helps from a strategic standpoint. FTE Global really allows for a holistic strategic mind-set. The conference sessions have been very relevant in terms of customer experience.”

Michael Morford, Airport Concessions Manager, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

“ It’s great that we’re hearing about disruption. Blurring the lines between industries is very important, and this event does that very effectively.”

Rachel Walker, Director – Tools & Technology Global Ops, Strategy, Planning & Design, United Airlines

“ I have been very happy with the conference sessions, which have been projecting us into the future. It’s my first time here at FTE Global and it has exceeded my expectations. I have met lots of different contacts – the event is very good for networking.”

Aymeric Dussart, IT Director, Aéroports de Montréal

“ The panel sessions have been excellent, with good interaction with the audience. It’s a very forward-thinking event and people here are not afraid to talk about the future.”

Joshua Krall, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Boom Supersonic

“ I’d heard a lot about FTE Global from industry colleagues and it has certainly met my expectations. The conference sessions have been very interesting, and it has been my pleasure to take part.”

Christoph Rufenacht, Director Capital Facilities Development, Vancouver Airport Authority

“ FTE Global was definitely a great opportunity for us to network and to learn from all the players that are changing the airline industry and the travel industry. During three days we were exposed to lots of insights and we were exposed to a broader way of approaching our business.”

Alessandro Fusaro, Coordinator Digital Marketing & Innovation, SkyTeam

“ It has been great attending FTE Global. The conference sessions have really informed our thinking and the Co-creation Forums were particularly good in generating a high level of interaction. FTE Global is highly recommended – I will definitely attend again.”

Max Coppin, Partner Development Manager, Google

“ The event has been very insightful. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and the knowledge gained at FTE Global is unique and innovative. It’s very good that the event is all about collaboration. I will take some nice concepts home with me.”

Maria Rosario C. Jocson, Assistant Vice President, Centre for Customer Management, Marketing Department, Philippine Airlines

“ As always, I come away inspired, with lot of ideas and new perspectives to try to push my organisation even further.”

Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, Technical and Infrastructure Director, Keflavik Airport

“ I really enjoyed the event and seeing lots of interesting airlines and technologies. Highlights for me were the NASA and TSA talks and the collaboration work between the partners. There are differences we have, but it is very interesting to make it all come together.”

Lilian Narumi, Passenger Services Manager, Singapore Airlines

“ I’ve been asked by a number of people how FTE compares to other events on the aviation circuit. My response is that it’s very much a case of quality over quantity, with a more focused selection of relevant speakers and discussion topics, rather than the broad brush approach used by others. It’s this focus on quality speakers, innovation and informative topics that makes FTE the success that it is.”

Martin Bowman, Aviation Technology Director, Deloitte

“ The sharing amongst partners airlines and operators is what makes this show unique. Everybody gives a lot of insights on the issues and challenges of the industry and it is good to hear that there are similarities in the issues we are all facing.”

Alphonsus Chan, Senior Associate - IT Infrastructure Changi Airport

“ The show has been tremendous so far. I managed to see some incredible presentations from a lot of great people from inside the industry. We were able to meet with a lot of vendors with whom we have talked to before, but it is great to meet them here in person, which makes it a lot more efficient for us to make decisions on how we drive the guest experience for passengers. For me, this event is really forward looking – it’s not just about what people have accomplished, but about what they were trying to accomplish. So, I think that’s very valuable, as we are trying to move the industry forward.”

Bobby Schroeter, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Spirit Airlines

“ Compared to some of the other industry events which are a lot broader, FTE really focuses on innovation, so that makes it different. It is always about new ideas and new technologies that could be applied in real life problems, so that’s what makes it unique.”

Suhail Kadri, Vice President IT, Hamad International Airport

“ I found FTE Global 2018 to be a wonderful gateway to engage with a wide array of industry stakeholders, and to learn across the diverse subjects covered in the four conference tracks. The keynote speakers were spectacular, and I found the involvement of leaders in parallel sectors such as Disney and MGM Resorts very beneficial, as we search for synergies between the hospitality and airline industries, exceeding our Guest Expectations. I look forward to attending next year's show!”

Chris van Rensburg, Director Guest Experience, WestJet

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Future Travel Experience Global 2023 is a global forum that brings together airlines, airports, government agencies, vendors, start-ups, terminal designers, architects, ground handlers, destination partners and various other travel industry stakeholders to learn, collaborate and be inspired on their next moves to transform their organisations’ passenger experience, business performance & sustainability strategies.

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