Sittig Technologies Inc.

Sittig Technologies, leading the future of airport announcements, is the German market frontrunner in automated airport announcement systems. Our innovative PAXGuide software platform is implemented in all major German and numerous international airports, facilitating automated, high-quality announcements in over 40 languages, thereby transforming efficiency and passenger experience.

What makes your products / services stand out?

Sittig Technologies’ PAXGuide system, a revolution in airport communication, automates all general, passenger flow, and boarding announcements with precision and clarity. Utilizing one of the industry’s top Text-2-Speech engines, it delivers high-quality, intelligent announcements in over 40 languages. Seamlessly integrating with existing PA-hardware and systems, including sensors and cameras, our software platform allows for targeted, data-driven announcements. Our flexible deployment options, both on-premise and scalable cloud solutions, combined with our unique multi-airport solution, make our software a game-changer in airport communications.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

This year, Sittig Technologies is thrilled to return to the Future Travel Experience Global, often referred to as the ‘CES for aviation’. Following an incredibly rewarding experience at the event last year, we are excited to be back amidst a vibrant mix of visitors and industry leaders, eager to participate in the dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and innovations.

The event provides us an unparalleled platform to showcase our ground-breaking PAXGuide system, a pioneer in automated airport announcements.
We eagerly look forward to engaging in the inspiring panels and presentations that the conference offers, showcasing our latest technological advancements, and collaborating with industry peers. We believe in creating a future where automation, precision, and enhanced passenger experience are the norm in airport operations, and the Future Travel Experience Global is an ideal setting to share this vision. Join us as we shape the future of airport announcements.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

We invite visitors to our stand to delve into the future of airport announcements. Discover our revolutionary PAXGuide system and witness firsthand its powerful Text-2-Speech capabilities, automating all general, passenger flow, and boarding announcements with utmost clarity. Explore the potential of intelligent targeting with integrated sensor and camera systems, and learn about our flexible deployment models and unique multi-airport solution. Prepare for a glimpse into the future where automation, data-driven decision-making, and precise communication transform airport operations.